March 02, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Lifestyle News
LAN-partiers are always looking for a gaming advantage. But nobody thought of clothing. Until now.

A first-of-its-kind collaboration between NVIDIA® and G8 Brand® has created a revolutionary LAN Hoodie that gives as good as it gets. Featuring an assortment of winning features, this thick, fashionable hoodie is both beauty and beast. That's because it has a secret LAN-defying weapon: hot pockets. Not those delicious microwave treats, but innovative pouches that house Little Hotties hand-warming heat packs. And that's just the beginning.

Explains NVIDIA's Derek Perez, "The inspiration for the LAN Hoodie began with gamers. It was their collective feedback that led us to designing a LAN Hoodie that gives gamers the competitive edge they need, along with something that was fashionable and cool. With a dual-lined hood, grommets for easy iPod threading, fingerless gloves and, of course, hand warmers, we think we accomplished our mission."

The LAN Hoodie's Hot Hands™ technology features three stay-warm glove treatments: fingerless gloves, the snowboarder's thumb glove and a foldable pocket to roll up the glove and tuck in for traditional wear. But that's not all.
Pocket grommets enable wearers to thread their MP3 and iPod headset wires down through the hoodie. An additional layer of material in the hood itself adds a pop of acid-green color and custom NVIDIA graphics to the hoodie, while also giving wearers a fashion-forward toasty-warm head. The hoodie also debuts a brand-new NVIDIA graphic design. A spin-off from the traditional NVIDIA claw, the new graphic is emblazoned with 3M black ink, making it look like wet ink dripping on the black fabric.

Available in limited release, the LAN Hoodie can be purchased on both nvidia.com and G8brand.com.

"It's a small price to pay for a big gaming advantage," explains Pro Gamer Yaz "Clown" Amari, formerly of Championship Gaming Series' CounterStrike Source World Championship team, the San Francisco Optix. "When gamers are competing with the same gear and the same skill level, it comes down to physical preparation. This LAN Hoodie keeps my hands ready to frag."

Adds G8 Brand Owner Tony Crisp, "Our mission to create hot clothes for gamers dovetails perfectly with NVIDIA's desire to bring gamers state-of-the-art products outside of its traditional product line. And, if warm hands equal dead virtual bodies, be on the lookout for more dangerous apparel to come from NVIDIA and G8 Brand in the future!"