Lancore Merchant Services Launches New Website

March 03, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The Payment Service Provider (PSP) Lancore Merchant Services Ltd today launched their new website; this new website provides a more detailed look at the services offered by the Company.

Lancore is a global corporation with offices in Europe, America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Their head office is located in the United Kingdom.

Lancore offers a secure, easy-to-use, card processing service which enables online debit and credit card transactions, in real time. Their Global Payment Gateway provides high volume merchants with a multi-currency payment solution.

Lancore can connect to multiple acquiring banks and will fully manage the technical connections, relationships with the external network and bank accounts.

Lancore provide a single window front-end for low value high volume merchants by providing a multi-currency payment solution. Lancore customers can maximize profits while maintaining control of their account with real time reports and transaction summaries.

Some of the advantages to the online solution that Lancore can offer its merchants include:
- Rapid settlement in multiple currencies;
- Detailed, accurate transaction monitoring;
- Single data-file transmission of all currencies and payments
- Scalable to large volumes;
- Consistent, convenient, and consolidated reporting;
- Sophisticated fraud prevention and management;
- Registration and authentication service;
- No special software or hardware required;
- Ability to add new currencies as markets expand;
- Access to global networks and expertise.

As well as their online solutions Lancore also offer other payment services, these include:

Cheque and Postal Order Processing:

Through their worldwide accounts and banking contacts Lancore can deposit and clear third party cheques in a variety of currencies allowing clients access to their funds quickly.

Cheque and Bankers Draft Issuing:

Lancore provides a secure and low cost payments solution by issuing cheques and bankers drafts on behalf of the merchant in many of the major currencies.

NSF Cheque Recovery:

Within the United States there remain a relatively high percentage of USD cheques that are rejected due to 'not sufficient funds' (NSF) this refers to customers who have insufficient funds within their bank account. Lancore can attempt collection of all USD 'NSF' cheques, thus reducing your unpaid cheque rate.

Lancore Payment Gateways Provider are very excited about their new website that offer cheque processing and are one of the leading payment service provider

Bank / Giro Transfer Collection:

This particular service allows Lancore to pay the merchant's customers via bank transfer. The benefits to paying in this manner as opposed to a cheque include less manual processing work as well as the payment process being much quicker and more secure.