Search Engine Optimization Journal Celebrates 2nd Anniversary

March 03, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Search Engine Optimization Journal is proud to announce the celebration of their two year anniversary in the world of search engine optimization. For two years this blog has been offering uninterrupted free advice on anything and everything related to search engine marketing. Everything from beginner basics to advanced search engine marketing techniques have been touched upon and discussed in this industry leading search engine marketing blog. Please visit this blog at

The area of search engine optimization is a very cluttered area online and many blogs exist with many different opinions on the topic. Search Engine Optimization Journal provides information that allows users and traffic to walk away with a sense that they can try it on their own. There is a big need for education and training in this industry and this blog allows even the newest of internet marketers to walk away with some knowledge that they can apply to their growing online business. This blog realizes that not everyone has large or even small SEO budgets for their websites and many would like to learn a little bit of on their own. This blog does just that by offering a wide range of helpful tutorials so that new comers and advanced individuals can walk away feeling like they can start applying much of it on their own. This blog carries with it the ability for others to not only learn about SEO and search engine marketing but they can look up popular definitions on certain aspect of online marketing and even purchase books directly from the blog. They have realized there is a need to be able to do this on a self taught basis and the only way to do that is through experience. This blog has become highly used and trafficked over the last two years one of the top search engine marketing blogs in the industry. With SEO continuously going through large sweeping changes it is important to have a one stop shop for up to date how to do it yourself information rather than just displaying industry news and related info. Search Engine Optimization Journal has an SEO section on the blog at where users can filter through many of the past topics that written on things like how building certain links to your website might be good or bad to keyword research to small business SEO. All important topics to help keep your website growing can be found on this blog.

Search Engine Optimization Journal welcomes and encourages all to come and read through all the useful material and to also leave any comments or questions on any blog posts if anyone requires and further assistance or does not understand something. The only way anyone will learn and grow is by trying and asking. Owners of this blog, Brick Marketing are pleased that they have been able to offer help and guidance in this sometimes tricky industry for two years now.