Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center Introduces Advanced Laser Technology

March 02, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
PLANO, Texas - March 2, 2009 - Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center is pleased to introduce the latest in ophthalmology technology, Abbott Medical Optics' iFS advanced femtosecond laser. Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center is among the first ophthalmology centers in the area to use the sophisticated technology to improve corneal flap creation during refractive surgeries such as LASIK.

The iFS advanced femtosecond laser is the first of its kind to offer customized biomechanically engineered flaps for individual corneas. In addition, the laser includes comprehensive IntraLase Enabled Keratoplasty (IEK) and ring-channel formation capabilities to help the team at Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center provide a higher level of surgical accuracy.

"The inverted bevel design of the IntraLase flap is far more stable than mechanically created flaps," said Dr. Michael C. Knorz, a professor at FreeVis LASIK Zentrum. He said this advanced technology will give way to more precise refractive procedures that can further improve the success rate of the iLASIK procedure.

About Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center

Dr. William Boothe of Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center has been recognized for performing the most wavefront-guided laser vision correction procedures than any surgeon in the world. In addition, he was one of the first ophthalmologists to learn vision correction techniques during his fellowship. He serves as a pioneer in laser vision correction and was acknowledged as a VISX Surgeon of the Year. Dr. Boothe incorporates the latest technologies and techniques into his practice at Boothe Eye Care and Laser Center to offer his patients the best care available.