Discusses Expectations for Homeowners Insurance Agents

March 05, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News has created a list of expectations available at its site to help consumers more accurately assess insurance agents. It is important to know who is handling one's money and property, especially in a strained economy like what Americans are struggling through now. And when it comes to deciphering homeowners insurance quotes, the consumer must explicitly understand each specific coverage.

Consumers and homeowners need to be aware that not all home owners insurance agents follow the same moral compass. A surprising number of insurance agents sell insurance without a license (which is why consumers should ALWAYS check with the state's insurance department to make sure any homeowners insurance agent being considered is actually licensed). Some insurance agents take part in even more dishonest practices.

Recently, a North Carolina insurance agent was accused of embezzling nearly $70,000. A North Dakota insurance agent was sentenced to eight years in prison for insurance fraud, theft and selling unregistered securities and as an unregistered agent. Another insurance agent in California allegedly took $1.3 million in fake commissions in an annuity scheme and now faces charges of felony grand theft.

The victims of these insurance agents have been robbed. It means securing financial safety to find the best homeowners insurance agent, to make sure a similar disaster doesn't happen. Find a homeowners insurance agent who not only is honest and loyal but is willing to fight and go to bat come claim time.

Every consumer deserves a solid homeowners insurance policy and a homeowners insurance agent who is experienced, educated, and trustworthy.

An online guide on shows what questions to ask when interviewing potential homeowners insurance agents as well as how to start the search for reliable agents. The guide includes requirements every great homeowners insurance agent should meet.

"What you want from your homeowners insurance agent is education and expertise. You're not paying for a novice to handle your property and financial future (the more "green" an insurance agent, the higher the risk for coverage gaps in your policy). Don't be shy to ask specific questions about their background, their education and how long they've been a homeowners insurance agent," according to the online guide on

A homeowners insurance agent needs to meet certain requirements to be considered trustworthy enough to handle a property's security. The online guide on helps consumers know where to look for reliable homeowners insurance agents, what to ask them, and what they should be able to do for the consumer.

staff contribution: Meha Ahmad