Superior Lamp Inc has Extended Guarantees from 60 to 84 Months on Freshwite Xtrabrite Fluorescents

March 17, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Superior Lamp Inc. has recently extended their product guarantee on their Freshwite Xtrabrite Fluorescents from sixty months to a generous 84 months. Superior Lamp stands by the performance of their environmentally friendly and efficient light bulbs so much that they are confident the extension will aid in building consumer confidence. Superior Lamp continues to offer products that are guaranteed to reduce energy costs for businesses.

The Freshwite Xtrabrite Fluorescents are heavy duty and designed and engineered to be used 12+ hours per day. All of Superior Lamp's products are perfect for a wide variety of commercial and industrial uses. These bulbs can help a business save time, money, energy and peace of mind knowing they are doing something positive for the environment. Superior Lamp's xtrabrite light bulbs maintain 95% of their brightness throughout the life span of the bulb where a standard bulb starts to lose its strength very quickly. A standard bulb produced about 40% of its initial power towards the end of its life cycle.

Superior Lamp is an industry leader in energy efficient heavy duty industrial lighting. They have been providing businesses lighting solutions since 1977 and offer a superior product that will help a business reduce energy costs almost immediately. Superior Lamp has spent over thirty years fine tuning their product line in order to offer a product that is untouchable in the industry. Energy efficient, "green" lighting is an area that more companies are starting to invest and focus on. Cutting costs is on the mind of many businesses even if that cost includes energy. If you are a business that owns a great deal of warehouse space that has the electric running for most of the day energy efficient lighting will help tremendously with cutting costs. Superior Lamps recent guarantee extension marks their belief in their product and shows that they stand by the performance of their energy efficient light bulbs. Over the many years Superior Lamp has been in business they have offered industry revolutionizing lighting products and will continue to do so for some time.

For more information regarding any of Superior Lamp's energy efficient lighting products please call 800-257-8353 or visit the following places online:

Tom Mosher