416-Cruises Launches Its Eco-Friendly Green Cruises

March 16, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
416-CRUISES launches green cruises in order to reduce carbon footprint and to preserve and protect the environment.

"Every choice we make has a social and environmental impact. Because of the threat of global warming, we must all do out part to preserve the environment. Green Cruises is proud to be a part of a growing movement called, 'Green Travel'." says Omar Aboya, 416Cruises CEO.

Green Travel is any form of transportation that causes less damage to the environment. It requires a company or an individual to make conscious decisions to lessen the environmental impact that different modes of travel have on our communities. Green Cruises protects the environment in a number of ways. Instead of traveling at 4 knots per hour, boats can travel at 2.5 knots per hour. When leaving the dock, coming back to port, and at other times during the voyage when maneuverability is required, both engines will be utilized. At all other times the captain will reduce speed and use only one engine, thereby reducing carbon emissions. As well as being environmentally conscious, Green Cruises also meets and exceeds national safety standards.

Because Green Cruises is fuel efficient, costs are reduced. Savings will be passed on to the passengers by providing a 2.5% discount on yacht rental. Saving the environment and saving money is a win-win situation.

416Cruises offers a fabulous assortment of cruises in Toronto. Dinner cruises and lunch cruises sail from May 1st to December 31st for groups of up to 600 in the picturesque Toronto harbour. Public, personal, or private corporate cruise are available for booking within that period.