New Release of Easycheck Makes List Cleaning Even Faster

March 18, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
With the newest version of Easycheck the time taken to check direct marketing lists has improved from an average of 800 records per minute to an amazing 4000 records per minute, when using a good internet connection and a PC with the latest processors.

Free Easycheck software is installed to the users desktop, and can then be used to check databases and lists in common formats such as Microsoft Excel or .csv files, without the data ever having to leave the users own PC.

Easycheck screens data against the latest online versions of all the data suppression files such as the Telephone Preference Service, Mailing Preference Service and Bereavement Register. Any records in the database found matching these files is then flagged for the user to amend or remove accordingly.

The initial Easycheck software is free to download, and then users can purchase low cost list cleaning credits on a pay as you go basis by phone or online.

Easycheck is an essential tool for any business which uses lists and databases for marketing campaigns such as direct mail or telemarketing. These lists must be kept up to date to ensure the best response, reduce wastage, and stay within the law regarding data protection.

Easycheck users appreciate the simple way the program works and the speed at which it can check their data for use in marketing campaigns.

For example Nicola Aland of Trio Marketing explains that "we currently use your Easycheck program to update our business telephone data. After a helpful & friendly conversation, I found the system quick and simple to download and use. As data accuracy is an important part of our business, it significantly helps our data cleansing on a weekly basis."

Another Easycheck user, Martin Beckley of Right Home, says that "I have recently signed up to use Easycheck and I have only one word to say about it; brilliant!".

Easycheck can be downloaded for free at and Selectabase are currently offering 20 free Easycheck credits to all new users.

More Information:
Easycheck is a free software program used to check direct marketing lists and databases against the latest versions of suppression files including the UK Telephone Preference Service, Mailing Preference Service and Bereavement Register. Easycheck is provided by Selectabase one of the UK's leading independent providers of direct marketing lists and list cleaning services.