TutorJam Case Study: Online Tutoring Helps Reinforce School Lessons

March 22, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
March 22, 2009 - In November 2008, Inge of Vancouver, BC was faced with the prospect of her son, Max, being held back a grade because of his failing math grades. "This Fall, I realized that Max had missed a full year of math instruction due to scheduling conflicts the past year and was now failing." Wanting to help Max catch up to his class, Inge turned to TutorJam's online tutoring programs to get the academic help Max needed. Over the next 4 months, with Max's dedication to TutorJam's tutoring sessions and the guidance of TutorJam's Academic Directors, Max turned his failing Math grade of 28% into an A- on his re-test taken in February this year!

Making the Leap to Online Tutoring
While Max had been using a local tutor for the last three years, the time and cost of driving across town for the tutoring classes proved to be quite burdensome. "It was tiring for Max to sit in traffic for the cross-town commute…half-an-hour there and then half-an-hour back." Inge looked into various tutoring options and chose TutorJam's online tutoring because she felt that "the convenience factor was huge."

Reinforcing the Concepts Taught at School
Max began working with his TutorJam tutor on a regular basis. With regular reviews of his tutoring sessions and the tutor's feedback on Max's progress, TutorJam's Academic Directors guided the tutor on how to accelerate Max's progress even further. Inge believes that it was the consistent reinforcement from regular tutoring sessions - made possible through the convenience of TutorJam's online tutoring - that made all the difference for Max. "With the help of TutorJam Max is able to practice concepts over-and-over again."

Tutoring in the Comfort and Privacy of Your Home Can Help Build Confidence
Beyond the convenience of TutorJam's Online tutoring programs, Inge is pleased that Max feels so comfortable being tutored in the comfort and privacy of his home. "Max loves the medium as he loves working on computer and is comfortable in his home." Students, especially those who get left behind academically are often shy about asking for help. Online tutoring is far less intimidating than being in a large tutoring center with dozens of other students.

Catching Up and then Sprinting Never Felt So Good
After achieving her initial goal of helping Max catch up with the rest of his class, Inge continues with TutorJam's Unlimited Tutoring Plan to help Max "manage the tough high school transition". When asked what advice she would give to parents trying to choose between online tutoring and tutoring centers, Inge declared "Go online, 100%!"

About TutorJam
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