KeyRelevance Shares Insights On Analytical Factors of Key Relevance at SMX Analytics Conference

April 03, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Search Marketing Expo (SMX) Analytics Conference opened this week in Toronto, Canada. This is the first conference to focus on search analytics the convergence of search marketing and analytics. This two day conference was programmed by search industry gurus Danny Sullivan and Chris Sherman. SMX Analytics is unique in that it focuses on using analytics to leverage your investment in search marketing and emphasizes analytics best practices to get the most out of the search budget.

"Online companies are turning to web analytics to better understand visitor behavior and to improve a web site's organization, message, and user experience. Web Analytics gives a quantitative measurement of various aspects of visitor behavior. By analyzing how visitors use a web site which pages they visit, how long they stay on the site, which areas interest them most, etc, companies can adjust the content and presentation of information to better serve those visitors," explains KeyRelevance's President Christine Churchill.

"Analytics provide quantitative feedback on performance and allows us to quantify the value of search. By using analytics and tracking metrics of key relevance, we can help clients identify which campaigns are working best. This knowledge empowers clients to make better informed marketing decisions," Christine Churchill continues.

KeyRelevance's Director of Optimization Strategy, Chris Silver Smith contributed to the SMX Analytics conference by participating on three different panels including:

* Analyzing and Converting Organic Search Traffic
* Up Close with Google Analytics
* Creating a Data-Driven Culture

"There are a number of excellent analytics programs available to marketers and some like Google Analytics are even free, so cost should not preclude a company from having analytics. Analytics makes sense of data and turns raw numbers into actionable information," says Chris Silver Smith.

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