NBIB Finds With Bioidentical Hormones A Small Dosage Makes a Great Difference

April 09, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Dr. Maegan Davis, founder of Natural Body in Balance and a chiropractor for more than 25 years, works to address the concerns of those dealing with hormonal imbalance through natural and proven methods. Dr. Davis advocates the use of bioidentical hormones and considers it "a natural approach to this biological phenomenon." Obtained from natural sources like Wild Yam and Soy, Bioidentical hormones have gained popularity as a safe alternative to synthetic hormones, and offer fewer side effects. Application of a carefully tailored protocol of bioidentical hormones has helped patients worldwide triumph over discomfort and symptoms brought on by hormonal disorder.

With our modern, convenience-based lifestyle and fast-paced society, it is easy to pick up bad habits that give rise to a number of health issues. For women, hormone imbalance is becoming all too common, and it can trigger a lineup of torturous symptoms like hot flashes, sleep deprivation, night sweats, migraines, and weight maintenance problems. Natural Body In Balance is proud to announce that it now offers hormone imbalance treatment with Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy.

After a careful analysis of the patient's health history and hormonal profile, dosage is individually formulated to suit the specific needs of the patient and eliminate the problem at its root. Natural Body in Balance administers bioidentical hormones in sublingual form, as they are metabolized in the saliva in a way that makes active hormones immediately available for the body to use. Dr. Davis adds, "My patients love the flexibility that comes with compounded prescriptions of bioidentical hormones. A small dosage adjustment can make a huge difference in the way one feels."

The media has played a major role in spreading awareness on this safe and natural form of hormone imbalance treatment. The use of bioidentical hormones has recently reached a national stage. The recent discussion by Oprah Winfrey and association with celebrities such as Suzanne Somers and Robin McGraw has encouraged many women to confidently opt for therapy with bioidentical hormones.

Natural Body in Balance has been offering natural treatment and services to deal with hormone imbalance and its symptoms. Dr. Davis has been working diligently to assist those looking for safe ways to cure symptoms arising from hormonal disorders for over two decades. To learn more about Natural Body in Balance, visit http://www.naturalbodyinbalance.com/ or call 877.852.1222