RankPay's Search Engine Optimization Gives Companies the Advertising Advantage

April 16, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As people around the world fill their information, entertainment, and shopping needs on the internet, businesses are realizing that to stay relevant and in the minds of their customers, internet advertising has become not only appealing but essential. RankPay provides the best tools for advertising on the internet, which has wide-ranging benefits, from a more targeted viewership to reduced cost.

Unlike print advertising, in most cases no amount of money will guarantee the top spot on a web search for an item. Pages are ranked according to their relevance to the topic being searched for. Each search engine ranks pages differently, but the result is always the same – sites with the most appropriate content (as defined by the search engine) will be listed first, and the least relevant listed last.

Say a customer is looking to buy some shoes online. He types "shoes" in to Google and presses enter. A Google search for "shoes" returns "about 291,000,000" results. Maybe he decides he can't pick, so he narrows it down to "men's shoes." Even in a more well-defined search, Google returns "about 39,000,000" pages. With so many options, the customer is unlikely to search through every page until they find your company's store. They are far more likely to click on a link somewhere near the top of the page.

So what is a company to do if they want that prime advertising space?

Here's where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies come in. Using a variety of techniques, these companies make sure that the content of your site guarantees the maximum exposure on search engines like Google and Yahoo. There is so much demand for these services that many SEO companies are overloaded with clients.

Although many SEO companies will charge their clients whether or not they deliver results, RankPay uses a different business model. Rather than charging a single fee, RankPay has an easy to understand, up-front pricing system to make sure that you never end up with a liability instead of an asset for an advertising program.

RankPay's proprietary system of optimization and close work with its clients has produced listings for 90 percent of the keywords that are active in the search engine system. This, along with a customizable dashboard that offers real time data, review charts, graphs of your rankings and a comprehensive review of your competition's position, make RankPay one of the most sought after SEO companies.

"Our customer base is growing at a rate of 40 percent per month," said Shawn Bishop, CEO of RankPay. According to Bishop, most of that growth is coming from referrals from satisfied customers and word of mouth.

RankPay's mission is "to make search engine optimization a turnkey, results-driven service that is effective, risk-free and affordable to all businesses…big and small". To find out more about how RankPay is using SEO technology to help clients attract new customers through increased website traffic please visit www.rankpay.com.