Ask Insurance Agents 10 Questions, Suggests

April 14, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As the economy heads further south, consumer debt is averaging at more than $112,000 per household, according to the Federal Reserve. In such dire straits, many consumers settle back on only the bare necessities and drop what they see as unnecessary bills. Oftentimes, the first bill to be dropped is insurance. However, according to, finding the right insurance agent to help you gain security and financial protection and to handle your policy can be a necessity. With the right insurance agent, consumers may be able to save money with an affordable and appropriate insurance policy.

A recent article on suggests that, while a highly-qualified insurance agent can help the insured save money and gain security, it's in the hands of the consumer to do the legwork and match ideal insurance quotes with ideal agents.

The article, "10 Questions Insurance Agents Should Be Prepared to Answer," lists the top questions consumers should always remember when interviewing their potential insurance agent.

One question the article suggests consumers ask insurance agents is whether or not it is possible that their policy contains too much insurance coverage or too little.

"A consumer wants to feel that their insurance agent is looking out for their best interest. In this case, it is appropriate for an insurance agent to explain different insurance options as well as alternative ways of being 'covered' without purchasing insurance," according to the article.

It is also recommended that consumers ask about the insurance agent's background. Are they licensed? How many years of experience do they have? Also, are they a full-time insurance agent?

"Every consumer wants to feel like they are in good hands, which is why having a full-time insurance agent is important to most consumers," according to the article. "They want to be able to call and ask questions or ensure they can file a claim at any time."

The article goes on to list other important questions insurance agents should be prepared to answer, including different types of useful coverage many consumers forget to include in their policies, common coverage gaps, discounts, etc. Consumers shouldn't be shy or hesitant to ask these questions. Insurance agents are going to be handling your policy-you should know what you're paying for, and how the insurance agent can make it worth your while.

staff contribution: Meha Ahmad