Has A Clock Radio for Your Web Browser

April 15, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News recently released the world's very first Internet Clock Radio that you can use in your web browser as a free online application.

The Online Clock Radio offers a wide variety of streaming music stations to keep you from ever getting bored. In addition to stations for every conceivable taste in music, there are also many clock radio stations for spoken word programs, talk programs, comedy stations and even film and tv soundtracks available on the clock radio application.

What's more, if you happen to spend a night on the road for a business trip, you can set up the Alarm Clock Radio on the laptop in your hotel room. Not only will you be entertained by the accompaniment of your desired radio station in the background, but you can also set the alarm to wake yourself up well in advance of your big meeting the next morning. In this way the Online Radio Clock is a device you can always take with you, wherever you have an internet connection and a web browser. Try it on your net book or laptop.

The only requirement for using's Clock Radio for your web browser is that you need to install the free version of the RealPlayer plug in, which, unfortunately, is not currently 100% compatible with all web browsers, including but not limited to Opera and Safari for Windows. recommends using Firefox or Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser to enjoy the full, rich experience of using a clock radio online.

In addition, Online Clock has restricted the Clock Radio to waking you up via its own alarm sound. The reason for this? Sometimes online radio stations experience downtime, and wants to ensure that you'll wake up when you're supposed to.