The City of Portland recognizes Grand & Benedicts with a RecycleWorks award for its commitment to green initiatives

April 20, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Portland, OR-One-third of the waste a typical business throws away is paper that could be recycled instead of buried in a landfill. But Grand & Benedicts and other Portland businesses are starting a new trend. Practicing sustainable purchasing and educating employees to make a positive impact, RecycleWorks award winners are raising the bar on waste reduction. The City of Portland's Office of Sustainable Development recently presented Grand & Benedicts with the award, a distinctive trophy made locally from reclaimed bicycle parts.

RecycleWorks award winners commit to going beyond recycling with activities that range from reducing paper use to purchasing at least 30 percent post-consumer recycled paper; using durable dishware; buying green power and offering a subsidy to employees using alternative transportation.

Grand & Benedicts has been committed to green practices since 1996. Over the years, the company's efforts have grown from installing solar-powered showers in its locker rooms to developing clean manufacturing methods. To date, G&B has expanded its green efforts include:
- Switching to paperless billing and training employees in how to print less saves massive amounts of paper;
- Giving incentives to employees to commute to work via alternative methods of transportation, such as subsidized mass transit passes. Indoor bike storage and carpools, cuts down on vehicle emissions;
- Offering biodegradable bags to customers encourages retailers to switch to an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags;
- Utilizing reduced-VOC emission composite panels in fixture programs to comply with the California Air Resource Board's (CARB) regulations;
- Relying on the use of steel with a high recycled content and powder coating as an alternative to airborne solvent paint finishes helps G&B minimize the impact of heavy industrial manufacturing on Chinese air and water quality;
- Recycling materials and reselling used displays and fixtures from stores closings promotes sustainability and keeps unnecessary waste out of landfills.

Grand & Benedicts is the largest global fixture manufacturer on the West Coast. Started in 1945, G&B offers a wide spectrum of services, ranging from custom fixture design and manufacturing to in-store installation and liquidations. For more information, visit: or

The RecycleWorks award is a program of the City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development's Recycle at Work program. Learn more about Recycle at Work and other business assistance programs-including green building and energy efficiency–at

The Portland Office of Sustainable Development (OSD) brings together community partners to promote a healthy and prosperous future for Portland. OSD advances improvements and innovation in energy use and technologies, waste disposal, recycling, sustainable purchasing, sustainable economic development and high-performance green building practices. OSD programs, policies and partnerships are key to community health, economic and environmental opportunities for Portland, its businesses and residents.