Open Source electronic medical record Medscribbler is released

April 27, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Scriptnetics, the leader in Tablet computer mobile healthcare applications, announced today its release of the proprietary source code for the Medscribbler electronic medical record, EMR, to the open source community. Installable components and the code for programmers are available at the globally recognized open source portal,

"Releasing a Medscribbler Open Source EMR is the next logical step to drive the innovation that is needed to get the majority of physicians and other health care providers to take up electronic medical records," said Michael Milne, Chief Executive Officer of Scriptnetics. "We hope to encourage a stable, widely available entry level EMR that uses cutting edge technology with the mobility of the Tablet PC," he continued.

To provide focus and stability moving the project forward Scriptnetics has assigned programmers to manage and contribute new programming code on a regular basis. Other programmers wanting to contribute but needing help in understanding the considerable amount of code can access live help and support from Scriptnetics. For programmers looking to maximize their skills, project suggestions are posted on-line.

The new EMR is called Medscribbler Community and is released under the GPL Open Source license which guarantees free use for anyone installing it. Contributing programmers can not sell the program. It is also the first vertical, enterprise level open source project of any kind which is primarily designed for handwriting recognition on the Tablet PC. Medscribbler Community is already in use by many healthcare providers including multi-computer and multi- location medical practices.

Scriptnetics is the largest vendor of penable Tablet PC designed medical software in the world. The company's flagship product, Medscribbler, has been distributed since 2003 and is being used by healthcare providers in the United States and Canada. Its offices are located in Wilmington, Delaware and Moncton, New Brunswick. and

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