$1000 For A Single Blog Post: 2009 Wine Blogging Scholarship Announced

April 23, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Santa Rosa, Calf - Write a single blog post, pocket $1000. That's the premise of the 2009 Wine Blogging Scholarship hosted by Pinotblogger: The Capozzi Winery Blog. Beginning April 23 and running for one month, the scholarship aims to recognize excellence in wine blogging and to encourage talented amateur wine writers to increase their level of formal wine knowledge. The contest is open to anyone with a blog.

According to Josh Hermsmeyer, President of Capozzi Winery and a blogger himself, the time is right to start a scholarship.

"With the economy as it is currently, a reward like this should have a substantial, positive impact," said Hermsmeyer.

The prize will be awarded to the winning writer based on their answer to a specific wine-related question posted on pinotblogger.com. Contestants need only post their answer on a public blog and link back to the host site to alert Capozzi Winery of their entry. Half of the award will be disbursed as cash the winner can use as they see fit. The other half must be put towards a wine education class.

Full details can be found on pinotblogger.com.

"Wine bloggers are an amazing bunch of folks" said Hermsmeyer. "They're so passionate about wine and their desire to communicate that passion runs so deep, that they literally dedicate substantial chunks of their lives to blogging. What's even more remarkable is that they do it all for free. This Wine Blogging Scholarship is one small way to recognize that passion, reward excellent wine writing and encourage further study by promising wordsmiths."

In an interesting twist, the payout amount of the scholarship will depend on the number of entries received. The top figure of $1000 will be triggered if 100 or more entries are received. The other payout tiers of $750, $500, and $250 correspond with total entries of 75, 50 and 25 or less. The idea, Hermsmeyer says, is to encourage as many people as possible to participate.

"There are over 800 wine blogs in existence, so having participation from 100 is a very realistic goal," said Hermsmeyer. "Plus it takes just 5 minutes for someone who's never blogged before to set up a new blog, and that's all you need to be eligible. We want people to spread the word. The more passionate voices we have out there writing about all things wine, the better."

The scholarship entry deadline is May 23 at midnight.

Pinotblogger: The Capozzi Winery Blog is an award-winning blog about the birth of Capozzi Winery in the Russian River Valley. Its author, Josh Hermsmeyer, is President of Capozzi Winery.