Chicago Blackhawk's National Hockey League Team Tries Dr. Tim's ISO-5 Coconut Water Energy Drink

April 24, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Saint George, Utah, Dr. Tim's ISO-5 complete hydration sports drink powered by coconut water has been called up by the Chicago Blackhawk's National Hockey League team to help the team through the Stanley Cup playoffs. The Chicago Blackhawks have enjoyed an incredible year of success during the 09 season and have already won the fist 2 of the 3 playoff games so far. They look very strong coming into the playoffs and many expect that this will be their year to take the Stanley Cup.

Along for the ride is Dr. Tim's ISO-5 complete hydration sports drink. The team had used it during the regular season and benefited from its super hydrating abilities. With all 5 electrolytes naturally occurring in the young coconut water Dr. Tim has created a truly incredible sports drink. "I wish I could say that I invented this but the truth of the matter is that coconut water is the worlds first and best sports drink" Dr. Tim continues "It has all 5 essential electrolytes in a perfect balance that matches our blood chemistry, I just formulated it to be less heavy and really great tasting".

Keep your eye on the Blackhawks as they battle through the playoffs. And look for Dr. Tim's ISO-5 in your local Harmon's and Albertsons stores. If you don't see it in your local store be sure to request it. Learn more about this amazing drink at: