Best for Babies, Best for You: The Case for Cottonique Chemical-Free Clothing

May 09, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Cottonique is a fresh, new brand of products designed to help and protect people suffering from skin allergies and chemical sensitivity. With the growing number of harmful chemicals used in commercially available clothing, more and more children and adults are developing skin sensitivities. Cottonique offers a full range of products completely free of all dyes, bleaches, and resins. All styles are available on's online store.

For centuries, fabrics have been dyed with mineral, plant, and animal extracts. The Chinese, as early as 2600 B.C. were said to be the earliest users of dyes with regards to clothing and ornaments. Researchers have also established a link between social status and clothing color –because newer and brighter colours were so rare and demand was so high, only the wealthy could afford the best coloured dyes, and as the quality of dyes in the market decreased, so did their price.

The race to be among the elite few who deserved to wear exotic colors took a different turn when synthetic dyes were accidentally discovered in 1856. While searching for a cure for malaria, scientists instead discovered "mauve", a basic dye containing aniline which is believed to be the first synthetic dye to have been discovered. Synthetic dyes soon became brighter, had much better adherence properties and became much easier and cheaper to obtain and apply.

Today, synthetic dyes remain as popular as ever the clothing industry despite a multitude of potential health hazards and environmental problems that have been linked to their use. Studies have found that certain types of cancer, skin allergies, dermatitis, eczema, pneumonia, and even arthritis may be caused by the use of synthetic dyes in clothing materials. In the United States, factory workers who handle dyes are forty times more susceptible to several forms of cancer, cerebrovascular disease, and lung ailments in comparison to the general population. These findings are not surprising given that the dying process involves the use of known cancer-causing poisons such as dioxin, chrome, copper, and zinc, and a suspected carcinogen, formaldehyde.

Cottonique's response to this dillema is plain and simple – chemical-free, formaldehyde-free, latex/spandex-free 100% natural cotton apparel for women, men, children, toddlers, and infants. Cottonique is a fresh, new brand of products designed to help people suffering from skin allergies and chemical sensitivity. "We use only organic cotton sourced from pesticide-free farms. Our pure cotton apparel is breathable, absorbent, and free from any and all dyes, chemicals and bleaches. Cottonique's innovative chemical-free fabric treatment process enhances the air and moisture permeability of the cotton fabric. The absence of chemicals and resin coating keeps the fabric pores open, increasing ventilation, and allowing moisture to rapidly escape and evaporate." Says Vinesh Genomal, Vice President of Marketting for Cottonique. Because Cottonique does not contain any dyes whether chemical or natural all products produced by Cottonique keep the natural colour of the cotton from when it was first harvested.

Because Cottonique is dedicated to the entire family's health and comfort, it has pushed the limits of innovative and revolutionary design in its "Nothing But Cotton" and "Classic Cotton" apparel lines for women, men, children, toddlers, and infants. Unlike most cotton apparel brands, Cottonique does not contain any form of synthetics, latex or spandex. Its products are produced in a 60,000-square foot controlled and allergen-free manufacturing facility that is completely free from latex,spandex and formaldehyde contamination. Most clothing lines contain latex or spandex elastic around the waistband and leg openings. This latex elastic, even when concealed, may cause serious irritation and severe allergic reactions to the body. Cottonique uses a unique fabric-knitting and finishing process that allows the cloth to retain the stretch and fit of commonly found apparel, without the danger of latex allergy, spandex allergy, or chemical sensitivity.

In some instances, it may appear that Cottonique garments are designed inside out. This is where the company has changed the paradigm of garment manufacturing. While commercially available garments are designed solely for aesthetics, placing the rough stitching seams on the inside, leaving the outside clean and smooth, Cottonique reverses the process by placing the rough stitching seams on the outside of the garment and away from the skin, leaving the inside of the garment clean, smooth and comfortable.

Since it began to offer 100% natural cotton bras, briefs, shorts, t-shirts, and nightwear in late 2007, Cottonique has received an enormous volume of orders from discerning consumers worldwide. The company is now fully stocked and ready to take your orders for its dermatologist-recommended, hypoallergenic clothing line for the entire family.
Visit the company's website and learn how Cottonique can help you protect your family from harmful chemicals. For more information about this innovative company and its extensive product line of family-friendly apparel, visit The website offers secure ordering and online support from skilled and knowledgable Cottonique sales representatives. You may also send inquiries to the company's customer service helpdesk at or call 1-888-902-6886