Conscious Sedation Dentistry: Cost of Peace of Mind

May 11, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Fully 97% of dentists offer oral conscious sedation dentistry to their dental patients, according to a survey by dental management resource The Wealthy Dentist. The average cost of oral conscious sedation (OCS) is about $300. However, some sedation dentists charge twice as much, and others may offer the service for free.
Oral conscious sedation is a favorite of many sedation dentists and dental patients. "I only do oral sedation, and nitrous oxide (laughing gas)," said a South Carolina dentist. Offered another, "I'm a pediatric dentist using non-IV techniques for deep conscious sedation procedures on younger pediatric patients."
The cost of dental sedation may be waived if the patient is getting extensive (and expensive) dental care. "Most of the time I don't charge for the sedation, as these are usually very large cases - $20K and up," said a Texas dentist. Agreed a California dentist, "We often comp the sedation fee on big cases."

A sedation dentist must be trained and comfortable with each form of sedation dentistry they offer. "I do not believe in the pure Oral Sedation," said an Illinois dentist, "but in combining it with N2O, I charge $350. I do not offer general anesthesia because I do not have Permit B." (Additional training and certification is required for IV sedation or general dental anesthesia.)
Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation is also a valuable tool to help patients with dental anxiety. "I only do oral sedation, and nitrous oxide," shared a South Carolina dentist.
Anti-anxiety medications can greatly reduce stress and dental phobia, but are not right for all dental patients. "When I prescribe an anxiolytic, such as triazolam, I do not charge additional, even though I monitor the patient," said a New York dentist. "As a dentist certified in oral and IV sedation, I find oral sedation to be of limited benefit to my more anxious patients."
Deep sedation requires an experienced sleep dentist. "I'm a pediatric dentist using 'Non-IV' techniques for the deep 'conscious' sedation procedures on younger pediatric patients and surgical procedures," said a South Carolina pediatric dentist.
"These days, patients with dental anxiety have a lot of options for practically anxiety-free dentistry," said Jim Du Molin, dental marketing expert and founder of dental website The Wealthy Dentist. "An oral conscious sedation dentist can provide care to someone who otherwise might never even see a dentist. Everybody wins!"