Is Looking To Clean Up The Acai Industry

May 08, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
United Kingdom - May 8, 2009 have created a website that gives customers the extremely beneficial Acai berry health supplements, without the risk of getting caught with excessive, recurring membership fees.

Their website and offer allows a transparency of fees that other Acai companies, on both sides of the Atlantic, don't manage. They show you what the charge is and, most importantly, it is a one off payment. Other companies have been insisting customers sign up to recurring fees.

It is these recurring fees that have done most to damage the 'good name' of the industry. Many customers are unaware of what they are signing up to, believing they are just paying postage and packaging on a free trial, when nothing could be further from the truth. After they sign up it takes many, many steps for them to be able to cancel.

Which is why's efforts to create an open and honest pricing plan is so important to the industry. By leading the way in such a pricing model they can show other companies that it is still possible to make a profit and help customers at the same time.

Acai berry supplements have long been one of the most controversial of health supplements. Recent research carried out by the Universities of Texas and Florida have shown that the Acai berries have tremendous health benefits, but despite scientific facts being available many advertisers still make misleading claims ad to what the Acai berries can do.

This, added to misleading charging policies has created an industry of mistrust and suspicion. An industry that is trying to clean up, to make honest. has taken it upon themselves to go about this in a number of ways. They have firstly made their costs a simple one off charge, negating many Acai advertisers tricks of making customers sign up to costly monthly services under the guise of a 'free trial'.

They also ensure that their website only makes scientifically verifiable claims. They are not looking to mislead or misinform customers into making a buying decision.

Furthermore they are ensuring that they are doing so in an ethical manner. ALL berries used by are fair trade. They want to make sure that the people picking the berries for them are getting a fair price or wage for doing so.

This is a HUGE step forward in an industry dogged by litigation threats, government investigation and bad business practices. It takes time for legislation to take effect, for companies to be brought to book for false claims. is looking beyond that, looking to show that Acai berries really are an exremelly powerful health tool in a transparent and honest manner.