AFA Play Active Part in PRINCE2:2009 Refresh

May 16, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
As always, AFA has played an active part in refreshing the guidance for the PRINCE2:2009 : attending update meetings, conferences and sitting on the review panel. The book 'Tailoring PRINCE2', written by AFA's Alan Ferguson, is now an integral part of the current manual and syllabus, replacing the 'scalability' chapters.

The PRINCE2: 2009 refresh project originally kicked off way back in November 2006 when public consultation was started for the update of the 2005 version of the PRINCE2 guidance. And now some 2 and half years later, PRINCE2: 2009 will be officially launched on the 16 June 2009 in London.

Probably the first notable change will be the actual size of the manual. Currently the manual is approximately 450 pages in length and this has been reduced to nearer 300 pages. The new manual has not 'lost' anything, but much of the duplication has been removed, primarily between the Process and Component chapters.

Other changes include:

* New Chapter: PRINCE2 Principles Explicit guidance on the seven principles that support PRINCE2.
* New Chapter: Tailoring PRINCE2 to the Project Environment replacing Scalability, though some of the content and concepts are new.
* Components have been re-named as Themes There are now 7 Themes, instead of 8 Components. Some name changes have occurred and the Configuration Component now forms part of a wider 'Change' Theme.
* The Themes now appear before Processes This should help users understand the concept of Themes and how the Processes can be used to apply them.
* Techniques has been removed, and now form part of the relevant Theme

With the official release a few months away, AFA is advising their clients not to put training on hold. Current courses are fully accredited and qualifications will still be registered come the release of the new manual. To ensure that project managers are completely up-to-date, AFA is offering free PRINCE2: 2009 seminars after the launch for anyone that sits an AFA PRINCE2 course on the current syllabus over the next few months.

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