Tutor Doctor Now Making 'House Calls' in Fraser Valley Fast Growing One-on-One In-Home Tutoring Franchise Ready to Make a Difference

May 07, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Fraser Valley, BC - There will be fewer "math meltdowns" and other homework headaches in the Fraser Valley now that Margot Bartsch has introduced a Tutor Doctor franchise.

Tutor Doctor, a rapidly expanding one-on-one tutoring service designed to help students from ages six to 86, announced the opening of its newest franchise location in the Fraser Valley, offering the community and students a private, easy way to catch-up or get ahead in school.

The rise of tutoring is becoming so pervasive that it is changing the face of education. Due to heightened competition in the classroom and governmental programs requiring schools identified as failing to provide tutoring to students, this $4 billion dollar per year industry, once an upper-class phenomenon, has extended to the middle class and beyond and continues to grow at a rapid pace. In fact, in each of the past three years, consumer spending on tutoring has increased 7 percent to 10 percent.

"One of the great things about Tutor Doctor is that because the tutoring takes place one-on-one in the family's home, not only can the teaching be individualized to the student's actual needs, but can put parents at ease by not having to drive to a session," said Bartsch.

Tutor Doctor uses a variety of well-known books and educational materials to supplement customized programs, but the franchise primarily leverages the curriculum and text the student is currently working with to ensure the most relevant tutoring is provided. Tutor Doctor also works with the students' current teacher to ensure that they are meeting both the student's and teacher's expectations.

"Fraser Valley students stand to gain significant value from Tutor Doctor," said Bartsch. "We look forward to helping students achieve their educational goals with programs that are specifically designed to fit the needs of each individual. One-on-one tutoring also gives our tutors the satisfaction of seeing their students' progress. We can't wait to start helping students reach their full potential."

In addition to providing school-age students with tutoring in various subjects, many families also hire Tutor Doctor to help students get ahead and prepare for larger challenges, such as advanced classes that could help them get into a preferred college or university. Tutor Doctor has also proven valuable for the rapidly growing home-schooled population, as well as for seniors wanting to learn technology skills.