Champion Plastics Hires SEO Firm to Improve Online Visibility, Gain New Client

May 11, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
MAY 11, 2009 — Zero to 60 in three months doesn't sound very fast, until you find out the topic is search engine optimization and not a car.

New Jersey plastic bag manufacturer Champion Plastics,, had its web site redesigned by an advertising agency anticipating better search engine placement, increased site traffic and new business leads. The company invested in an attractive Flash introduction plus Java-enhanced navigation and other bells and whistles.

But, several months later, the new site was not nearly as productive as had been anticipated. No search engine placement, little traffic and few leads.

A search engine analysis report provided by web design and organic SEO firm Polysort,, pointed out the obvious: the site was not performing on Google for any of the keywords that were important to the company. A further review of the site revealed several reasons why.

The site had been designed in a way that created technical barriers for Google and other search engines to index the site. Additionally, the site lacked the appropriate attention to keywords, page titles and description tags to position the site on keyword search results. In other words, the ad agency had failed to deliver a performing web site.

Polysort prescribed a custom search engine optimization project that included re-programming site elements to remove technical obstacles and rewriting content and tags to optimize for important keywords.

Within three months of launching the optimized site, Champion Plastics went from having no search engine placement on Google to achieving more than 60 search terms for which it was being found. In February, just weeks after launching the optimized site, Champion signed a new customer as a result of its improved search engine positioning.

"We got that customer as a direct result of the work Polysort did for us," said Champion Plastics' John Callaghan. "Polysort was able to diagnose the site's problems and provide a workable solution. We're now performing on many variations of keywords that are bringing potential customers to our site."

Polysort President Angela Charles added: "The results Champion has achieved with its search engine optimization project are just the beginning. As the company continues to add optimized content and inbound links, and the site continues to mature in the search engines, it will gain position on additional keywords, which will expand its reach among Internet users. It's not atypical for a site we've worked on to perform on hundreds of keywords within the first year."

"The real lesson here," Angela continued, "is that companies need to ask their ad agencies what they will be doing to the web site to make it perform on the search engines. If SEO is not part of the process, it's time to find a new web designer."

Polysort provides comprehensive web site design and search engine placement services for companies in the plastics and rubber industries.