Returned Mail Solutions Releases DMUAddress as a New Address Management Solution that Reduces Expense for Direct Mail Marketing

May 12, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
NAPERVILLE, Illinois, May 12, 2009 Returned Mail Solutions, Inc. (RMS), a leading UAA Solutions company, today announced the release of DMUAddress. DMUAddress is a pre-mail Address Management solution suite for Direct Mail that utilizes a comprehensive ScoreCard process, combined with multi-step address hygiene, postal processes, proprietary address databases, technology and analytics that significantly go beyond traditional market commodity solutions such as NCOA, CASS/DPV, LACS and AEC.

"The industry is screaming right now for solutions that can immediately lower the hard line cost of print production and postage costs, while also lowering cost per acquisition. Direct Mail marketers in the US are under heavy scrutiny to do more with less, and are currently redesigning packages, cutting production costs and mailing less," said Robert Hedstrom, President of RMS. The new solution is an extremely complex data structure that processes both acquisition and customer mail files through a series of proprietary technologies and communicates a determination on deliverability, questionable addresses and potential multi-level updates. DMUAddress will report in detail which records should be delivered, will never be delivered, targets for suppression as well as a high percentage of updates. This process all happens prior to mail and will drastically change the way companies address the issue.

As a new technology platform and industry innovator, RMS' solutions affect the enterprise process of customer communications from acquisition, retention and win-back. "The solution base was designed to be an additional new market technology that takes over where the nation's largest data compilers conclude. There are 6-10 Billion direct mail pieces annually that end up as waste, even after current industry commodity solutions have finished. I really do not understand why anyone today would utilize a budget to mail to a targeted individual that will never, ever be delivered," said Robert Hedstrom.

Today, this issue costs Direct Marketers $6 Billion dollars annually, and continues to be a major issue as postage increases and direct mail volume decreases. Mail continues to be a great advertising medium if companies will utilize the new industry tools to mail smarter. The solution will enhance deliverability, reduce costs, increase customer revenue, profit and reduce churn.

"We have already released the new solution in anticipation of the 2009 National Postal Forum, and are yielding extremely positive results. This solution is unique and different than any market solution we've seen in place today. The solution also compliments the nation's largest data companies as an "additional" layer to the never ending battle of the high percentage of direct mail pieces each year that never reach their target and end up as waste. This strategy coincides positively with our various market solutions for reducing the 15% publicized UAA direct mail issue; it also assists in the various environmental initiatives that are deployed across our customer base," said Robert Hedstrom.

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