Moovin On Up Keeps Finger on Pulse of Future Search technology

May 20, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
The search engine optimisation landscape is an ever changing environment and SEO firms who do not keep their attentions focused on this landscape run the risk of their current strategies becoming less effective and in some cases not effective at all. The only people who will suffer as a result of this are their clients.

Moovin On Up is one of very few companies who have a dedicated search technology research team. It is the sole responsibility of this team to research emerging technologies and trends to best develop proactive strategies for search engine optimisation.

Moovin On Up understands that in order to offer the best return on investment for their clients they must use their extensive resources to research emerging technologies and analyse the future benefits that these technologies may bring. That is why Moovin On Up were very excited when they were invited to join in the beta testing of the new much talked about search engine Wolfram Alpha. I know not the catchiest names.

Wolfram Alpha has been receiving some good press of late and what separates this new search engine compared to the countless others that have been launched in recent years is how it displays the data results, and the kind of information it retrieves, however let's first talk about what this new search engine is all about. Unlike Google this search engine is more of a service for answering your questions and receiving statistical data than looking for "costume hire in London" for example.

This new search engine will surely be embraced by the scientific community as this search engine can perform some serious mathematical equations and can give you results in a very pleasing and intuitive manner.

If for example you were to type in "mortgage 5% 30 years" the search engine will return in a very easy to understand tabular information on monthly payments, mortgage totals and interest payments. This search engine dubbed a computational knowledge engine is due to be launched at the end of May 2009. Although not in direct competition with the major search engines this new search engine could potentially take some of the traffic away from the big three.

A part of Moovin On Up's research team's criteria is to analyse this technology and see if ways can be found that it can help generate revenue for their SEO clients. At this point it may be too early to say what Wolfram Alpha will have on the UK search market, and it is not clear how Wolfram Alpha will generate revenue.

Moovin On Up UK's leading website design and search engine optimisation firm, based in Edinburgh, will be keeping a an eye on the development of this search engine very closely.