Dummy Cameras provide Affordable Security says Crime Prevention Products

May 19, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
A Dummy camera is a highly cost-effective way to safeguard a property, advises leading security provider Crime Prevention Products. Not only are they an excellent deterrent for intruders, they are available at a greatly reduced price than normal surveillance systems. The more visible the security precautions, the more likely they are to succeed - that is what makes a dummy camera one of the most beneficial and affordable ways to protect property.

Dummy cameras can look impressively real, including the option for a LED display light which shows they are operational. There are also the added benefits of not needing to monitor and store video recordings, installation is relatively easy and the equipment itself is very low maintenance.

Care should be taken when choosing a dummy security camera however, as some of them are easily recognisable by criminals as fakes. This is why reputable security providers like Crime Prevention Products use real camera housings for many of their products they are virtually indistinguishable from their real counterparts and also give the option of upgrading the system for a real CCTV surveillance camera system when budget allows.

Terry Rattee, owner of Crime Prevention Products, says: 'Real security camera systems will deter intruders but can be quite expensive. We want to offer customers an effective alternative to pricey surveillance systems our dummy cameras look like the real article, so they prevent criminals activity effectively while providing less of a cost or maintenance drain to your budget.'

The savings gained by using dummy rather than real CCTV cameras can amount to hundreds of pounds, sometimes thousands for large premises. It is not just the initial outlay that is cheaper; live systems need maintaining and the film footage needs storing. Another thing to consider is that it needn't be an either/or decision - some businesses successfully combine the use of live cameras for the areas most at risk of criminal activity, with dummy cameras used for less sensitive areas.

Dummy cameras can work as a deterrent internally or externally, in any commercial, public or residential setting. They can be used both to prevent intrusions to a property and to deter people from criminal activity while on the premises, such as shoplifters. The level of risk and threat will determine whether they offer sufficient protection. For businesses that stock high value goods for example, or that are subject to high frequency crime (such as petrol stations), investment in live CCTV is the sensible option. For many types of properties however, this expense is not justified and a dummy camera can provide a suitable level of protection - opportunistic criminals tend not to strike if they think there is a chance they will be recorded on camera, they will simply move on to less well protected opportunities.

Crime Prevention Products advise that customers take care in choosing dummy cameras for an adequate level of security. Not only is it a good idea to buy a dummy camera that uses the actual external casing of a real camera so that they are indistinguishable from the real thing (usually referred to as the 'housing'), but getting the right type of camera is also important. There are different styles of real cameras for indoor and outdoor use, and these versions are mirrored in the dummy market.

A dummy camera's effectiveness is also enhanced when used with clearly visible, professionally produced warning signs. A shoplifter, for example, may even be deterred from entering a shop in the first place if a CCTV protection warning is seen from the outside.

Terry Rattee of Crime Prevention Products added, 'All in all it's about finding the right security for your situation. Dummy cameras in many cases can offer the right deterrent at the right price.'