Menopause Madness? Manage Menopause Gracefully with Bach® Original Flower Remedies

May 19, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
(North Andover MA) - Ask any doctor and they will say that menopause is a normal stage of a woman's life cycle. But when raging hormones leave clothing drenched during a business meeting, don't allow a woman to sleep, and make her feel simply out of control, the fact that menopause is a natural part of female life is of little comfort! That's why the Bach® Original Flower Remedies can help a woman better cope with the emotional aspects of managing menopause so she does so gracefully.

Menopause marks the end of fertility and ovulation; the average age a woman has her last period is 51. Some women experience menopause in their forties, while others have it later in their fifties. Rather than occurring all at once, the menopause process generally takes years during which hormone levels fluctuate; the entire period of change from beginning to end is known as perimenopause. Researchers at the University of Arizona College of Nursing find some common symptoms among perimenopausal women- 95% suffer from sleep disturbances, 91% from hot flashes and 75% report mood swings. Fortunately, there is a safe and natural solution to be found in the Bach Original Flower Remedies, an all-natural healing system which provide a calming positive energy to help balance emotions and restore energy.

"The Bach remedy Walnut really helped me to handle menopause. Working with Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP) Cheryl Nashbar, I found I was able to better manage all my symptoms," says Susan Kinnear of Orange County, CA. Nancy Buono, BFRP and Education Director for Bach Flower Education advises that "Even though the Bach remedies do not work directly on a physical level, they can help a woman adapt emotionally to the many changes of menopause, allowing the body to find its own natural balance. It is always best to take a multifaceted approach. Using the Bach Flower Remedies and incorporating lifestyle changes such as quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet, and exercising regularly all contribute to an easier menopause." Buono recommends the following Bach Flower Remedies to help perimenopausal women cope with the many emotional changes menopause brings.
- Bach Walnut will help a woman adjust to the hormonal fluctuations and emotional changes. Many women find it helpful for hot flashes.
- Bach Cherry Plum helps reinstate calm and a sense of control when overcome by hot flashes, intense emotions or explosiveness.
- Bach Olive restores energy when suffering from sleepless nights.
- Bach Scleranthus brings back balance when swinging moods find you feeling fine one moment and crying or upset the next.
- Bach Crab Apple, the cleansing remedy, will help a woman feel better about herself and her body, especially when all the changes make her feel ugly, old and disgusted

The Bach Original Flower Remedies may be taken anywhere, anytime to relieve everyday moods, stress, worries, and anxiety. Formulated 75 years ago by the noted British physician, Dr. Edward Bach, the remedies are used in over 66 countries worldwide by millions of people. The all-natural remedies, derived from flowering plants and trees, are safe and effective and may even be used with infants, the elderly and animals without side effects. There are 38 different remedies to choose from to help restore emotional balance as well as Rescue Remedy (the most recognizable composite formula from Bach) a blend of five Bach Flower Remedies to manage everyday stress. If you find other menopausal symptoms affecting you, such as anxiety, sadness or worry, simply fill out the questionnaire at your local health food store (call 1-(800) 319-9151 for a free copy) or log on to and click on the remedy chooser to create your own personal formula.

How to use the Bach Flower Remedies
Take 2 drops of each remedy straight from the bottle or diluted into any beverage. Sip at intervals. Or create a personal combination by adding two drops of each chosen remedy to a 30ml mixing bottle; top up with spring water and take four drops per dose at least four times a day. Alternatively, the remedies can be rubbed onto the lips, behind the ears or on the temples and wrists. You may combine up to 7 remedies in your personal combination.

Bach Original Flower Remedies and Rescue Remedy are available nationally at your local health food store or online at

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