May 21, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
PHILADELPHIA, May 21, 2009 XtraGlobex, a Philadelphia-based strategic business development and communications firm with multinational clients has announced a strategic alliance with Sohum Graphics Pvt Ltd, a Mumbai India-based advertising and communications agency focused on providing marketing services and consultancy to the fast moving health goods (FMHG) segment. The alliance will bring Sohum's extensive expertise in strategy development and marketing support in the Indian FMHG segment to the XtraGlobex US clients, enabling exciting opportunities for growth into that burgeoning marketplace.

"We are thrilled to have formed this alliance with Sohum," said Fady Sahhar, founding partner at XtraGlobex. "India's economy continues to grow as a star among global economies, and its Consumer Packaged Goods industry is evolving rapidly, especially in the healthcare arenas." Clients overseas are well-advised to consider entering India at this point, Sahhar said, and XtraGlobex is excited to be able to offer this unique combination of international awareness and on-the-ground savvy.

The mindset of the Indian consumer is changing rapidly, contributing to the marketplace shift. "The emerging contemporary mantra in India is 'wellness,'" said Suhas Wadwalkar, head of Brand Communications for Sohum. "Factors like cues from cultural role models, rising consumer awareness, changing regulatory thought process, and the newly booming pharmacy retail format, combined with a high demand and relatively few products and players in the space, are coming together to make this the perfect time for entering the Indian market with goods like nutraceuticals, OTC pharmaceuticals, and other health and wellness products." Sohum recently published an article examining the business case for entering today's FMHG market in India in the ExpressPharma journal. That article can be accessed on the ExpressPharma website here: www.expresspharmaonline.com/20090331/management02.shtml

Through this alliance, XtraGlobex and Sohum are positioned to provide clients in the US who are interested in entering the Indian market, with international and local partners possessing exceptional skills, knowledge, infrastructure, R&D and production facilities, marketing sales force, distribution, and logistics to cover India's diverse national markets.

"There could not be a better time to enter the Indian markets," said Wadwalkar. "We are excited to be working with XtraGlobex to bring even more high-quality products into this wide open marketplace."

_About Sohum_
Established in 1986, Sohum Graphics Pvt Ltd. is a vibrant advertising and communication agency in the business of providing various services relating to advertising, communication and marketing consultancy in the FMHG segment. Sohum also offers consultancy/liaison services with government bodies, regulatory authorities and professional agencies to facilitate the formation of companies, manufacturing set-up, distribution and logistics, acquiring/developing office infrastructure, organizing man power, lobbying with the trades, professional endorsements, selection of brand ambassadors, etc. Sohum is based in Mumbai, with a branch in Bangalore. www.sohumdisplays.com

_About XtraGlobex_
XtraGlobex is a strategic consulting firm that specializes in business development focusing on communications, technology, and globalization. The XtraGlobex industry experience and fresh outlook sets it apart from its competitors. The firm's focus on Exceptional and Sustainable Competitive Advantage can create solutions including a new brand, a market entry or growth strategy, an outsourcing initiative, an e-commerce plan or a PR campaign. www.xtraglobex.com