May 28, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Sports News
Las Vegas, NV Remember foosball? That crazy soccer-like game at the video arcade or rec center from when you were a kid? You know, the one with the little plastic soccer guys attached to rods that spin around on a table-sized play field. Maybe you even played it at a sports bar, bowling alley, college dorm or more recently, in a break room at work. Most everyone has, and you might even have seen (or been) a pretty good player yourself. But there's good players and then there's so good (as the June 3rd debut of the Foosball Master Tour on the Versus network at 5:30 EST will demonstrate) that it's more than amazing, it's sick.

Filmed at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas in a special arena that "foosers" call "the pit," you'll see foosball that old, classic arcade game taken to an extreme level of speed, power, control and competitiveness as top players from across the USA and around the world compete for high stakes on the "Foosball Master Tour."

The competition will feature match-ups between a wide array of the game's legends, flamboyant champions, international stars and most cunning hustlers, all brought together by Master Tour promoter Phil Schlaefer. To provide audiences with the maximum effect, Phil has teamed with award winning producer Mark Teague of Dreamhaven Studios, Emmy winning producer Derek Hastings, Emmy-winning photography director Bill Evans and Grammy nominated audio engineer Vince Sanchez of VSO Productions. In addition, the Foosball Master Tour's corporate partners already include Brunswick, the Versus Network, Dave & Buster's, Sloshspot.com, Leverage Advertising Agency of New York, and the Riviera Hotel and Casino, among others.

With custom-made tables, innovative camera angles and "goal cams," and play-by-play commentary by Foosball Hall of Famer Jim Stevens, foosball (a.k.a. table soccer) has never before been played with such intensity in front of TV cameras and broadcast on a national stage!! See it happen on the Versus network June 3, 5, 10 & 11th, each time at 5:30, EST.

For further details about the event and the sport of table soccer, see the following websites:
www.foosballmastertour.com - Official web site of the Master Tour
www.ustsf.org - U.S. federation web site/U.S. National Team sponsorship opportunities
www.table-soccer.org - International federation web site/international rankings/news
www.foosball.com - General info about the sport of table soccer, USA Tour Calendar

For more information, photos, or for an electronic version of this release, please contact:
Phil Schlaefer, Tournament Director, Tel: 1- 408-315-1965; Email: philschlaefer@me.com
Brad Laurine, Technical Advisor, Tel: 1-503-931-9115; Email: brad@rod-lock.com
Larry Davis, President, USTSF, Tel: 1-563-580-9485; Email: larry.davis@ustsf.foosball.com