Protect Yourself from Litigation – Rocket Lawyer Introduces Essential Release of Liability Documents

May 29, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SAN FRANCISCO (May 29, 2009) – Today Rocket Lawyer, the easy legal service, announced the addition of two new do-it-yourself legal documents designed to reduce the likelihood of future litigation: a General Liability Release of Claims and an Activity Release of Liability. These legal documents are a necessary precaution for consumers and small businesses who want to limit their liability in certain situations, and now they are easier to complete, more affordable, and can be stored safely online with™.

Familiar to most people, the Activity Release of Liability is a document used by an owner or operator of an activity. The operator of the activity asks the participant to complete and sign the Activity Release of Liability before the participant is allowed to be a part of the activity. For example, a company which takes tourists on horseback rides would be likely to request that their participants sign an Activity Release of Liability, in case a participant falls off her horse, for example, and is injured. The release makes it clear to the participant that the owner or operator of the activity is not liable, and that the person chooses to participate at his or her own risk.

Although the Activity Release of Liability is usually signed before the activity in question, a General Liability Release of Claims is often signed after an event or incident. This type of release is used when two parties agree to settle and limit future liability in relation to an incident. For example, if two people are in a fender bender and mutually agree that both are equally at fault and that neither owes the other any damages, the two parties should sign the General Liability Release of Claims. The document would make it difficult for either one of the parties to seek damages from the other party at a later date for the same incident.

Attorney Robert D. "Bo" Links, of Slote & Links said, "Business operators are smart to obtain release of liability and waiver forms in advance from participants in certain activities. Like preventative medicine, liability waivers can save a lot down the road." He continued, "Similarly, when someone settles a potential dispute with someone else, it's smart to document the agreement with a simple Release of Claims and to seek the advice of an attorney."

As always, Rocket Lawyer is the easy way for anyone to complete legal documents like the Liability and Claims Releases themselves. Rob Elhardt, Rocket Lawyer's Senior VP of Product Management said, "Like many legal documents on Rocket Lawyer, the Liability and Claims Releases help protect people from unforeseen circumstances; in this case it's a potential lawsuit. If one document can keep you from being sued, and it's affordable and easy to create, that's the kind of legal service that we want to provide at Rocket Lawyer."

Rocket Lawyer also makes it easy to keep track of these important legal documents. For example, a small business owner who operates an event may need hundreds of Activity Release of Liability documents to be signed each week by participants. That's why Rocket Lawyer provides the File Safekeeper™, a secure and convenient way to store legal documents online. In addition, Rocket Lawyer is affordable. The first document is free, and from there it's as low as $19.95 per month to create unlimited legal documents.

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