Site-O-Rific Affiliates Earn High Commissions from Website Design Service Targeting Contractors

June 01, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Asheville, NC June 1, 2009 Affiliates with Site-O-Rific, a custom web site design service specifically targeting building contractors, can now earn recurring commissions that range from $84.88 to $304.44 per sale. Site-O-Rific is the only professional web design service offering service pros such as plumbers, electricians and roofers a fast, easy and affordable alternative to high-priced web sites and do-it-yourself web building programs. Targeted niches result in more easily-made sales for affiliates. The custom website service fills the need for contractors who want a product somewhere between

"Affiliates with Site-O-Rific can easily target specific businesses that need a web presence — and provide them with an affordable, custom-designed website in less than 48 hours," says Miles Land, of Site-O-Rific. "All they do is fill out one simple form. This service sells itself."

Web site designers have been known to create a product that satisfies their own design cravings, rather than listen to the needs of their customers. However, Site-O-Rific offers professional web site designs that plumbers and electricians can relate to, and feel represents them best. In addition, contractors won't lose time and money either working with an expensive web designer or learning how to build a web site themselves.

"Our custom web sites are valued at $2,000. However, Site-O-Rific customers only pay $150 upfront, plus a monthly hosting fee," says Land. "Other web designers price their websites sky high and then take a long time to deliver. We know service pros don't have time to waste, so we give them what they want, and fast."

Who should consider affiliating with Site-O-Rific? Those who:
* Blog about plumbers, electricians, or maintain a web site about the building trade.
* Maintain established web sites about the small business, the building trade or tools.
* Supply tools and parts to contractors.
* Work in the building trade. Sign up other contractors in your region, such as service pros who work in complementary trades.
* Manage a professional trade organization. Offer Site-O-Rific websites to your members so they can increase their business profits.
* Make a living as a salesperson. Call on contractors in your region and make substantial commissions.