Superior Lamp Launches YouTube Channel for Online Awareness

June 03, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Superior Lamp Inc. has recently taken a step into the online video sharing world by launching a new company YouTube channel to help further promote their company brand and educate their audience. Superior Lamp realizes the importance of online marketing and how crucial it is to share information through all online channels.

Superior Lamp has been actively pursuing YouTube as a platform for some time now. They realize that people are turning to the internet more and more and becoming visible and active in digital space is very important. Superior Lamp is headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey and specializes in marketing eco-friendly, heavy duty, commercial and industrial, lighting solutions to all public or private institutions and organizations. Superior Lamp prides itself in providing excellence to all their accounts and they have been recognized for this by the Better Business Bureau. Superior Lamp has been providing America with energy saving lighting solutions for over thirty years and they have personally witnessed the vast changes in the way businesses learn and communicate with other businesses. They realize that there is an entirely new landscape for marketing out there and they must utilize it. While the internet is a great platform for people to learn about Superior Lamp and provide brand awareness, they still pride themselves on the direct marketing of their high quality products through local sales representatives. Their new YouTube channel will display Superior Lamp's online brand awareness video efforts. Most people don't mind sitting and watching a short company video to learn more about what a particular business does. More often than not, website traffic would rather watch a short video than have to read through text.

Superior Lamp takes a very solid and aggressive position on marketing their business and feels that tackling the online community will only compliment their offline efforts. As more and more businesses venture into all corners of internet marketing it is important for every business to become visible online. Online video sharing is just one area. Businesses of all sizes have noticed a shift in today's market place and they realize it is important for all businesses to follow that shift or they could find themselves struggling to bring in new business. Superior Lamp's YouTube channel launch is just one step of many they have planned for their target audience in the online community. For more information regarding the Superior Lamp YouTube channel, please visit:

Superior Lamp's customers have noticed their new lighting products lasting up to 24 times longer than standard light bulbs all while being friendly to the environment. The styling and production of Superior Lamp's new video was designed to show and express how unique their lighting products really are.

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