Conscious Business Experts Reveal a Vital Piece Missing in President Obama's Belief that America's Economic Future Relies on Entrepreneurship

June 03, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Los Angeles, CA (June 3, 2009) – In an effort to lead the country back to economic health, President Obama has been spreading the word of his endorsement of entrepreneurism, stating that the future of the American economy relies on the imagination of entrepreneurs. BrandU™ co-creators and veteran entrepreneurs Kim Castle and W. Vito Montone resonate with this philosophy, but reveal it is only part of a much bigger picture.

"He's on the right track but imagination is not enough, just like one form of a stimulus won't do everything," commented Castle. "Entrepreneurs can save us, but only if they do the right thing, for the right reason, to get the right result at the right time. And that time is now. The question is are they ready?"

Castle and Montone left Corporate America six years ago after discovering a step-by-step process for showing business owners and executives exactly how to grow a relevant business and how to communicate it.

"We have witnessed entrepreneurs make stellar changes in owning their own power and yielding it for the good of business," said Montone. We need everyone working with maximum focus, rebuilding trust and making a difference wherever it is needed."

Montone says all of this is possible by simply using a process. After studying and using Universal Law in his life and business and witnessing its success for years, Montone revealed "a science" that has been successfully applied to business creation by harnessing one's human experience as the fuel for the highest from of creative expression; that expression is business.

The science, called Unified Conscious Development (UCD), is based on a leading-edge theory behind the most advanced university and private business development programs - from Harvard's Balanced Scorecard to Richard Barrett's "Corporate Transformational Tools" to the Four Intelligences in Steven Covey's "8th Habit."

"There's a formula, and when applied correctly, works every time for optimal business success. I'm proud to see its affects every day," commented Montone. Our country's burgeoning entrepreneurs can not only save us, but they will lead us into the next millennium of business, a conscious one based on experience."

By applying this formula, entrepreneurs can create a powerful, sustainable business that changes their reliance onto themselves. They are guided step-by-step in structuring their intent for their business, planning its release or growth, developing their organization and calibrating themselves to a new powerful version of their business.

With success story after success story of hundreds of growing business owners, the co-creator of BrandU™ says these processes can be applied to any business of any size whether products or services, online or offline.

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