LSS Data Systems' Medical and Practice Management (MPM) Suite Client/Server 5.6 Receives 08 CCHIT Certification

June 06, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Eden Prairie, MN - June 6, 2009 - The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT®) has announced that LSS Data Systems' product Medical and Practice Management (MPM) Suite Client/Server 5.6 is a CCHIT Certified® 08 Ambulatory EHR [additionally certified for Child Health] pending completion of advanced ePrescribing requirements. As a CCHIT Certified® 08 Ambulatory EHR it meets the Commission's ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) criteria for 2008. Ambulatory EHRs are designed for physician offices and clinics where most Americans get their healthcare. The 08 certification is the most current CCHIT certification level attainable by ambulatory EHR vendors and LSS Data Systems has now achieved certification for the third year in a row.

"Through our ongoing participation in the certification process we continue to demonstrate our commitment to providing the highest quality software for our customers," said Bill Schmidt, Vice President of Sales & Corporate Development at LSS Data Systems. "We feel that successful certification for the third successive year is a validation of the strength of our software. Our ability to provide seamless integration and sharing of data with the MEDITECH system has provided our customers with improvements in efficiency and patient safety, and our ability to share patient summary information with other organizations outside of their own healthcare system will further extend those benefits."

In the third year of the program's operation, the criteria and testing have been significantly updated again to provide physicians with more assurance that certified products will meet their needs for functionality, interoperability and security. The Commission added 19 criteria to the 200 required in 2007. Those changes were focused on the ability to exchange patient information with other systems. A CCHIT Certified 08 Ambulatory EHR ensures:

* Additional electronic prescribing features: access to the patient's medication history, formulary, and eligibility.
* Better and safer medication dosing, adjusted for patient weight and other factors.
* Better ability to prevent adverse reactions due to drug interactions or allergies.
* Use of standard formats to exchange basic patient information for continuity of care.
* Enhanced ability to view X-rays and other diagnostic images.
* Better management of patient consents and authorizations.
* Increased use of standard formats when receiving and storing laboratory results.

"Two key new areas of interoperability are required to achieve 08 certification," said Mark Leavitt, M.D., Ph.D., Chair, CCHIT. "First, ambulatory EHRs must be capable of advanced electronic prescribing functions so physicians can qualify for bonuses under Medicare's new incentive program. Second, EHRs must be able to send and receive an electronic patient summary. These and other new criteria will ensure that certified health IT products help improve quality, safety and efficiency while protecting the privacy of health information."

LSS customer Chippewa County-Montevideo Hospital and Medical Clinic, based in Montevideo, MN, recently updated to MPM Client/Server Version 5.6. "We congratulate LSS on their certification success," said IT Manager Joe De Vita. "MPM is an important part of our healthcare IT strategy and it is important for us to know that LSS products meet or exceed industry benchmarks."

CCHIT's inspection process is based on real-life medical scenarios designed to test products rigorously against the clinical documentation needs of providers and the quality and safety needs of healthcare consumers and payers. The CCHIT Certified "seal of approval" for EHR products provides a consensus-based, government-recognized benchmark for ambulatory EHR products. By looking to products with the CCHIT Certified seal, physicians and other providers can reduce their risk in selecting an EHR product, allowing them to focus their evaluation on the special needs of their practices. The Commission - a private, nonprofit organization - is the Recognized Certification Body in the United States for certifying health information technology products.

"08 certification represents an important step toward preparing our customers, current and future, to take advantage of the opportunities being made available by the ARRA," said Greg Osmonson, Vice President of Programming & Software Development at LSS. "While the final EHR standards and certification processes are still being determined under the Act, we continue to work hard to ensure that our products can be rapidly and effectively adopted so our customers are well positioned."

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The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology (CCHIT®) is a private, nonprofit organization that has been named by the federal government as the Recognized Certification Body for health information technology. Its mission is to accelerate the adoption of health information technology by creating a credible, sustainable certification program. The certification requirements are based on widely accepted industry standards and involve the work of hundreds of expert volunteers and input from a variety of stakeholders throughout the health care industry. More information on CCHIT and CCHIT Certified® products is available at and at

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