California Realtor Breaks Free of Market Cycle

June 07, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Danville, CA June 7, 2009 - Ginny Mees, a Realtor in Danville, California, says her business has broken free of the foreclosure market. While many agents continue to flock into REO and Short Sales seminars to position themselves as experts in these areas, Ginny shifted her focus to take advantage of one of the most significant changes in social demographics the financial empowerment of women.

"We've all read the numbers, but I don't think the significance of them has really landed with a lot us," says Ginny. "The future face of real estate is women."

- 1 of every 5 home sales is to an independent woman.
- 30% of foreclosures in 2009 will affect women.
- 71% of full time real estate agents are women.
- 52 % of real estate brokers are women.
- 91% of home purchasing decisions are made by women.

Ginny notes, "The financial power of women has been growing steadily for over 3 decades and it is projected to continue far into the future. Additionally, the incidence of women earning college degrees is rising while the incidence for men is declining. What we are witnessing is a major power shift in the home."

To address the growing significance of women in real estate, both as clients and agents, Ginny has launched a website for consumers and a North American Women-to-Women Network for women homeownership experts

"I wanted to tie my business future and success to something more than the market cycle," Mees said. "I don't want to spend my time and money re-branding myself every time the market turns."

"It's amazing," says John Harper, the team's tech guy. "I've been involved in creating websites, Internet Marketing and SEO (search engine optimization) for over 15 years and I have never seen search engine results like this so soon after launch. What we are seeing now, you would expect to see maybe 6 or 9 months down the road."

According to Ginny, the Women-to-Women Network is all about THE Plan. "We have developed a very comprehensive marketing plan to help our network members become recognized as the experts for women homeowners in their communities," said Ginny.

It seems that THE Plan is working for her. In her first few months of implementing THE Plan, her local women's group has produced numerous business deals for her support team, several buyer clients, numerous listing appointments, a full page interview in her local newspaper, an interview with Realtor magazine for an upcoming article on niche marketing and interest from several national media outlets.

About is a North American Women-to-Women Network of women real state professionals focusing on the needs of independent women homeowners.

Contact: Ginny Mees, Founder