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June 10, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News, a pioneering healthcare related website since 1994, announces the creation of an interactive, "Ask or Tell the Doctor Blog". This unique web log welcomes comments and visitor input of tried and true treatments for various health conditions.

Innovative blog solicits useful comments or inquiries whereby a doctor with 25 years of experience in holistic health care posts articles and offers commentary on a multitude of health conditions.

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The focus of this health care solutions blog is on alternative care suggestions, tangible health aids, back pain products, or simply to invite intelligent conversation about specific health concerns. Conditions currently in discussion are related to back pain/strain, plantar fasciitis and gastro-esophageal reflux. However, all health care topics are open for discussion by simply clicking: "Ask the Doctor a Health Question". What makes this blog more useful than others is professional moderation and interactivity. Visitors have the ability to ask questions, to make comments, or to post anecdotal advice related to their road to recovery from various health conditions.

Related to back strain, one blogger wrote: "I found your post really interesting and it greatly improved my knowledge of the matter."

Another post related to osteoporosis reads: "I have recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis in my hip and bone thinning in my spine. This surprised me because I have been practicing yoga and taking calcium faithfully for at least 8 years."

To interact or seek a health solution visit this interactive "ask the doctor health blog". Suggest healthcare solutions or inquire about products for self-care of various conditions.

About the founder:
Dr. Brad Lustick, holistic health care professional is the founder of Back Be Nimble and the associated holistic health solutions blog. An auto-related injury severely compromised, herniated and extruded Dr. Lustick's L5/S1 disk, resulting in a more debilitating back condition than endured by most patients. The subsequent discontinuation of private practice turned his attention to applying health principles to the world of business, whereby he began customizing concepts and products to fit the needs of those suffering from pain, stress, or other health concerns.

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