HawaiiGaga.com Helps Tourists Discover the Best Hawaiian Island for a First Trip

June 12, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Travel News
The first question vacationers face when planning a trip to Hawaii is which Hawaiian island to visit. To help first time travelers discover the best Hawaiian island given their preferences, HawaiiGaga.com, one of Hawaii's premier travel guides, has created a fun and informative interactive questionnaire.

Each island is rated on 24 factors that are important to tourists including accommodation choices, activity options, weather, beaches etc. Travelers indicate how important each factor is to them and HawaiiGaga.com calculates a score for each island. Detailed explanations of the ratings are provided to help people understand the flavor of the islands.

"HawaiiGaga.com is uniquely qualified to help travelers make this decision," believes James Pretorius, co-founder of HawaiiGaga.com. "The web site contains the internet's most organized directory of Hawaii vacation rentals, currently indexing over 5500 properties. Vacation rental statistics from this index are used to judge each island on their selection of budget condos, beachfront homes and luxury residences."

HawaiiGaga.com also rates Hawaii's 100+ tourist beaches and publishes a yearly ranking of Hawaii's best beaches. Panoramic beach and attraction photos and interactive maps further help holiday planners get a feel for each island.

HawaiiGaga's ratings reveal the relative strengths of each island but also demonstrate Hawaii's diversity and strength as a tourist destination. According to the ratings, Kauai is the most scenic island, the Big Island has the best snorkeling, Maui has the best resorts, and Oahu has the best selection of tourist activities. "Picking an island is part of the fun of planning a trip to Hawaii," explains Pretorius. "And it's impossible to make a mistake because each island offers an abundance of Hawaii's most precious assets - sun, ocean, sand and scenery."