Providential Pictures Announces New Paws and Tales Games MMOG Website

June 17, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Toronto, ON — Providential Pictures launches Paws and Tales Games MMOG website at for children to play, watch and learn.

Paws and Tales Games aims to provide a fun, safe and educational place online for children and families. The Paws and Tales Games MMOG is based on Paws and Tales The Animated Series®.

Both the animated series and games website are designed for children as safe entertainment with faith-based values that parents can trust. Children can choose their favourite Paws and Tales character and interact with friends online.

Capable of supporting thousands of players simultaneously, the long term goal of the website is to enable players to cooperate with each other on a large scale and interact meaningfully with others around the world.

"Safety is our first priority and we have worked to ensure that we've created a safe online environment for children and their families." said Product Manager Nelson Bodnarchuk. "We offer a chat that has a predefined menu of greetings, questions and statements for users to interact with. Users aren't able to transmit personal data to other users. Those users who engage in inappropriate behavior can be suspended or banned from the Community."

Bodnarchuk added "Users that join the Paws and Tales Games Community as a paid Resident will support the continued maintenance, fund new features and allow the site to remain free of third party advertising."

Users that sign-up for a free visitor account will have access to some of the features within the community, however users that sign-in for a paid resident account will gain full access to all of the features the Community offers.

Parents and educators can incorporate the Questions for Cubs worksheets into their own children's ministry to help further educate, enlighten and entertain their children. Each worksheet corresponds to an episode from Paws and Tales The Animated Series®. The worksheets are designed to convey the lesson from the corresponding episode and teach children the key verse of scripture that the lesson is based on. There are questions to check for learning comprehension, as well as spiritual questions to allow children to internalize the lesson and think of ways they can apply it in their own lives. There are currently 26 episodes with a corresponding worksheet.

Some of the features on the website that users can experience include:
- communicating, exploring and playing within the MMOG,
- playing a selection of mini-games located on the website and throughout the MMOG,
- watching episodes from Paws and Tales The Animated Series®,
completing the "Questions for Cubs" worksheets for the corresponding episode.

For additional information visit, or contact Nelson Bodnarchuk.

About Providential Pictures:
Providential Pictures Inc. is a faith-based film company, created to communicate sound biblical values through media productions that are family friendly, educational and entertaining. Paws and Tales The Animated Series® was produced in 2007 and is currently airing across Canada and in the UK.