Webinar Debunks Myth That DBMS Caching Can Equal In-Memory Database Systems' Performance

June 18, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
McObject's upcoming Webinar, "What Makes A Database System 'In-Memory'?" on June 25 debunks the myth that traditional database management system (DBMS) caching can approach the performance delivered by an In-Memory Database System (IMDS). The Webinar illustrates that performance overhead is actually imposed by caching: cache management, logical I/O, data transfer and duplication, and other processes inherent in caching are drains on application performance.

Caching is also inflexible. While the user has some control over cache size, the data to be stored there is chosen automatically, usually by some variant of most-frequently-used or least-frequently-used algorithms. The user cannot designate certain records as important enough to always be cached. It is typically impossible to cache the entire database.

In contrast, an in-memory database system benefits from a streamlined design that eliminates caching logic and related processes. All records are stored and managed in main memory, at all times. That's a major reason IMDSs can perform an order of magnitude faster than on-disk databases. McObject's Webinar illustrates this performance gap with solid benchmark numbers.

"What Makes A Database System 'In-Memory'?" presents and debunks common myths about IMDSs. Join McObject CEO Steve Graves on June 25 to gain a better understanding of in-memory database system technology, which underlies many real-time applications including telecommunications and networking equipment, financial trading, industrial control, aerospace, and consumer electronics.

Other myths on the chopping block in this Webinar include:

Myth 2: An IMDS Is Essentially a "Traditional" Database That Is Deployed In Memory, Such As On a RAM-Disk

Myth 3: By Using A Solid State Drive (SSD) For Storage, an On-Disk Database System Offers Performance Equal to An In-Memory Database System

Myth 4: 'Memory Tables', a Feature Offered By Some Conventional DBMSs, Are the Same as In-Memory Database Systems

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