Massage Schools Guide Introduces Guest Author Initiative

June 23, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
To address the growing interest in massage therapy as a primary or part-time career option, Massage Schools Guide has introduced a Guest Author program. This new initiative is designed to provide individuals considering a career as massage therapist with information about the industry that comes directly from those actively working in the field.

Massage Schools Guide has been informally inviting massage therapists to contribute a blog post or an article to the website for a few months now. Based on the enthusiastic response to these invitations, a decision was made to formalize this effort and begin targeting therapists based on specific topics.

Terry McDermott, Co-Administrator of Massage Schools Guide said, "We present information about massage schools from all over the country. Each of these schools offers quality training in a variety of modalities along with the practical aspects of establishing a massage therapy practice. We want to supplement this information and tap into the vast pool of knowledge available from the many excellent massage therapists and instructors that are doing each day what prospective students also want to do. By sharing their insights and experiences, visitors to our website can get a real-world perspective on the ins-and-outs of practicing massage therapy."

The Massage Schools Guide Guest Author program has already featured some unique information from some very impressive therapists. Recently, Tina Allen, a renowned expert on children's health issues and a licensed massage therapist, shared her passion for, and her expertise in, the field of infant and pediatric massage therapy. Dari Haffie, a Washington state-based therapist, wrote about the unique approach to deep tissue massage called Bamboo-fusion therapy. And Kathy Gruver, a highly trained expert in a variety of massage and natural health disciplines shared some highly focused and practical advice for freshly graduated therapists as they embark on their new career.

"The practice of massage therapy is evolving and expanding constantly," says Terry McDermott. "There are many people out there implementing new ideas and developing new approaches to massage. We want visitors to Massage Schools Guide to benefit from these innovators. We will seek them out and give them a platform from which to share their unique vision. We really believe this will help people to make a fully informed decision as they go about the process of choosing a massage school."

One special benefit derived from the Guest Author program is the localized perspective provided by massage therapists. Prospective students considering massage schools in California will gain more insights into the local and regional massage industry by hearing from local massage professional. Likewise, those reviewing massage schools in Florida will be better informed about trends and opportunities by hearing from Florida-based therapists.

"We hope to have therapists representing all 50 states," Mr. McDermott indicated. "The more information we can provide from both local and national perspectives, the more useful Massage Schools Guide will be as a resource."

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