Motivating Drug Free Message from Narconon Drug Rehab Graduate

June 24, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Education News
Trois-Rivieres, Quebec The Narconon drug rehab program recently received an inspiring message from a graduate of 2007. This particular graduate has been featured in many articles and newsletters talking about his success. Joe is determined to get a positive message out about overcoming addiction, and living drug free. In his letter he says:

"As a graduate Narconon, I try to incorporate the program into my life on an everyday basis. I found that if I implicate the basic fundamentals like personal ethics, staying in present time, and taking a regular personal inventory, that my life, and the lives close to mine run smoother and are healthier. Sometimes in the fast paced and declining society we live in, it is easy to let our personal ethics slide or decline. It's so easy to take unethical shortcuts that can quickly or eventually snowball into moral and group dilemmas. Small tasks like being punctual, keeping my word, and being honest at all times not only reflect on how I live my life, but who I am as a person. In turn, the people around me have learned that I am dependable and trustworthy. These small personal decisions can open large opportunities around us."

"By staying in present time we automatically set ourselves up for success. It helps keep us focused on the task at hand, but ensures we address issues head on. If we are focused on the past, then we will be unable to grow, move forward, and reach our goals. Dealing with problems and issues head on leaves no room or reason to deal with them through drugs or alcohol. After dealing with so many problems for such a long period of time it is liberating knowing I can now overcome these problems. A regular personal inventory helps keep me on track in all aspects of life. By looking back at least once a month, I am able to keep track of progress towards my goals, deal with any issues that are still troubling me, and set new goals to work towards."

"Goals have become a driving force for me, and secure progress in all aspects of my life. Growth, progress, and change are never ending battles. By using these three basic Narconon principals regularly in our lives, we ensure putting our best foot forward, and not taking too many steps backwards. Everyone makes mistakes it's called life, but when we focus on our personal ethics, staying in present time, and doing inventory, we can grow and learn from them. So the next time your feeling overwhelmed slow down and think about the basics. Just remember that doing the small things correctly make a huge difference in our lives."

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