June 23, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Kathi Burns, CPO® Author Professional Organizer and Image Consultant has worked in every possible environment, from garages and kitchens to home-based businesses and major corporations. Tomorrow Kathi will organize Jay Jones's, Executive News Producer at FOX 5 San Diego, desk on air at 7:20 a.m.

So how does Kathi help a busy news producer get organized? Step One; determine what type of information is necessary to perform the job. Step Two; analyze what format that information comes in. For instance, daily newspapers, books, magazines and DVD's are all important information arriving in various shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, and fortunately, this information comes in every day non-stop. The onslaught of this media requires Step Three; create holding zones with timelines attached that make this information quickly accessible when needed.

Business cards are valuable resources unless piled high. Now, they become clutter because their potential information is useless. The Solution is to get a business card scanner and move all the information into a working database like Outlook or ACT.
Why does everyone including this very successful news producer wish to become more organized? Because clearing your environment of unnecessary objects (muck) results in a positive energy shift that allows you to unblock deeper areas of life. Muck clutters your home and your office, as well as your mind and your life. In the wise words of author Kathi Burns, "Muck makes you stuck!"

Let Kathi Burns show your audience how to address organizing and image challenges. Her energy, rationality, and creativity will inspire as does her new book, How to Master Your Muck-Get Organized. Add Space to Your Life. Live Your Purpose! Through anecdotes, techniques, and insight, this book inspires people to change their physical and mental environment. Even small changes can release blocked energy and prepare everyone for a new and healthier lifestyle. Space brings power and clarity into our lives. It frees the spirit and helps us live with gusto! Altering the tangible outer-self, surroundings, calendars, and wardrobes-produces the momentum needed to transform the inner core.

How to Master Your Muck, is filled with illuminating stories and empowering methods designed to teach people that growth requires space. Kathi's tips, sidebars, and action steps release what no longer serves to create space for inspired living.

Muck sabotages creative expression acting as a roadblock to success. It blocks the ability to be free. Here are some topics Kathi addresses in her book:
Papers: U.S. workers squander six weeks a year looking for important documents.
Supplies: Employees waste 55 minutes per day looking for lost items, like staplers.
Inbox: Staff members send and receive over 190 E-mail messages during the day.
Home Office: Sixty percent of our desktop surface should be empty.

Kathi Burns, CPO® is a Certified Professional Organizer and Image Consultant who is known for her uncanny ability to help people realize their dreams by showing them how to remove the "muck" that blocks them from achieving their full potential. Kathi appears regularly on television and radio, and often speaks to organizations and corporations throughout North America. She is the founder of addSpace to Your Life!, a professional organizing and image consultancy headquartered in Southern California. She travels all over the U.S. working with individuals and companies showing them how to get organized, manage time and create a successful image.