Systems Innovator Brad Semp Accepts CEO Role at Construct Zero, Inc. 

July 05, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Technology News
Shelby Township, MI, USA (July 5, 2009)—Brad Semp has accepted the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with Mark Joyner's Construct Zero, Inc organization.   

Construct Zero, Inc. is a research institute with substantial goals.  The organization seeks to bring low-cost, easy-to-produce tools for energy production and other vital human functions to the poorest parts of the world.   

Construct Zero is funding itself via the operation of a commercial technology incubator.  Profits from this part of the organization will be used to fund development of "Dirt Cheap Decentralized Distribution Devices" (DC3D's) designed to improve the quality of life in poverty-stricken and "off the grid" locations throughout the world.   

"This is a different kind of undertaking," Construct Zero's founder, Mark Joyner notes.  "We needed someone who could properly organize and systematize things while still performing a key leadership role." Construct Zero, Inc. aims to be the fastest organization in history to reach $1B in annual sales primarily through strategic growth planning and systems-based implementation.   

Joyner didn't hesitate to contact Brad Semp about running Construct Zero.  Earlier this year, Joyner's Simpleology division acquired Cashmaps, LLC, from Semp.  He knew Semp was his ideal choice for a CEO.    "Brad is 'the ultimate CEO'.  He's tireless, brilliant and is an incomparable systems engineer," Joyner remarks.   

Semp feels at home with Construct Zero, Inc.  "I align strongly with the values, vision and overall mission.  I really believe we have an opportunity to make a significant global impact."  
The new CEO already has a plan in place.  "We will quickly implement a solid, systems-based foundation within Construct Zero to enable immediate, exponential, and scalable revenue growth of the organization," Semp explains.   

Joyner, a well-known expert in the marketing and personal development fields predicts, "Under Brad's leadership, we'll become the fastest company in history to reach the billion dollar mark in sales.  He understands the vision of this huge undertaking and he has skills to transform it into a reality."