July 02, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA On Friday morning July 3rd, Kathi Burns CPO®, a well known professional organizer along with FOX 5 TV and donated items from The Container Store, will visit local California home owners to help them to do a little creative "home organizing".

So; how can a Certified professional organizer, like Kathi, really help around the house with our own home organizing? Especially when most of us, seem to just love to kick off our shoes, and leave our clutter, or, muck lying around the house? This is what Kathi
says "Organizing our own homes, and getting rid of needless item (muck) results in a truly positive energy shift, one that allows you to unblock those deeper areas of life. And, in fact, muck clutters your home, or office, as well as your mind and your life. In short; "Muck makes you stuck! If you feel complacent and lethargic, clear some space and you will feel more energized."

But, before you watch professional organizer Kathi on Fox 5 News, she has a
few tips to help you with your own home organizing projects:

Firstly the kitchen: remember to keep all papers off the kitchen countertop. Then create zones for each type of activity ie prep, store, cook, bake. Keep tools for each activity within reach of that particular zone. And use large Lazy Susans for deep, hard to reach

Moving onto the bathroom: keep a separate bucket of cleaning products in each major cleaning area. And why not use a small shoebox, for your mini toiletries to keep items readily available, when packing for your next trip. Always use 3 drawer portable cabinets under the sink for spare hair ties, brushes, makeup or contacts.

What about the home office: don't let your workspace become a "catch all" for junk or non-work related items. Use commercial grade filing cabinets which have hanging files with tabs hung onto rails. Then develop zones for your papers coming in, and leaving. Don't forget; keep your papers "in action" stored vertically, not piled.

Finally the closet: Keep floors clean and clear, don't store items on the floor. Use hanging bags to keep shoes off the floor. Hanging bags are also great to create more shelving space. And keep laundry baskets open, and available. Baskets with lids are not ideal because they become a stacking place and difficult to access.

Kathi Burns, founder of Add Space to Your Life!, Board Certified professional organizer (CPO) and image consultant. has taken her vivacious energy, creativity, and abilities as a top professional organizer to the next level and written a book. In fact, it's a definitive guide on "How To Master Your Muck!". It's packed full of enlightening stories, and intuitive ideas, all designed to teach people that growth requires space!