Leading UK SMS Marketing Website Offers FREE Number & Keyword to all UK Businesses & Services

August 30, 2005 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Worcester, UK — TxtLocal (http://www.txtlocal.com) has extended its SMS text messaging service to offer free inbound telephone numbers and keywords to all UK businesses and services. This number/keyword combination can then be printed anywhere to enable the rapid collection of opt-in customers who have requested to hear about latest special offers and promotions on their mobile phones.

The existing TxtLocal functionality allowed businesses to send text messages to their customers at a fraction of the cost of sending messages through a mobile phone. Messages could be scheduled for delivery at any time up to one year in advance.

"SMS has already become a very important business communication and promotional tool for many businesses in the UK," said TxtLocal Managing Director, Al Shortland. "TxtLocal offers all UK businesses, large and small, the ability to quickly and inexpensively harness the power of SMS messaging in their day-to-day operations. Our new offer of a totally free mobile number and keyword will make the collection of opt-in customer mobile numbers a breeze."

Applications of TxtLocal

* Sending SMS offers (pubs, night clubs, 2 for one Chinese meals etc.);
* Sending appointment reminders (particularly suitable for dentists, mechanics, doctors, etc.);
* News updates;
* SMS competitions;
* Internal company communications (for example, contacting engineers on the road); and many others.

"We believe that we offer the most accessible and easy to use SMS solution in the UK. By providing all customers with free inbound numbers/keywords we aim to revolutionize the SMS industry and enable anyone to set up their own campaigns in minutes. We plan to do for SMS what Google did for Internet search. We already have hundreds of very satisfied customers, many reporting response rates of 40% and increased sales of 240%. The free number offer will make the TxtLocal service even more powerful".

Messages can be purchased from as little as 5p each.

Key Features Of TxtLocal
* Send SMS from any Internet enabled PC
* All accounts provided free of charge.
* All new users receive 3 free SMS messages.
* All new users receive a free inbound number and keyword, which can be published anywhere and everywhere to collect opt-in customers.
* Import contacts from your phone, Outlook, Excel, anywhere!
* Store your contacts in our database for easy access.

About TxtLocal:
TxtLocal develops, implements and manages mobile marketing campaign solutions for businesses across the UK, large and small.

Alastair Shortland
+44 (0) 7740101098