July 09, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
July 9, 2009 - New technologies provide equal opportunities to any person or company willing to compete in global, regional or local markets. Muncom Online stores offer maps with interactive directions, chat rooms, video uploading, photo albums and social networking tools such as fans and walls creating excitement when it comes to e-commerce. (Free Online Stores and Free Online Marketplace) informs how entrepreneurs from different latitudes are utilizing its portfolio of tools and features.

First of all, social tools: Each online store in can be administered independently, benefiting from free hosting paired with its own sub domain. Stores offer customers the option to become fans, and as a result, qualify for general and user-specific discounts. Building a sizeable fan base creates the opportunity to increase customer loyalty by providing timely updates on promotions and news. Then, the chat system: while the seller is on-line in his/her store's chat room, the system displays a message informing potential customers that the owner available. This feature enables real time interaction between buyers and sellers, creating an experience similar to traditional face-to-face retailing.

The possibility to activate videos and photo albums for the store and for each individual product allows users to get a better feel for sellers offering services from distant locations. Clicking on "Map" will launch a pop up screen providing directions on how to get to store's registered address. Thousands of products: Each store features an internal search engine with unlimited user-customized tags, enabling companies to upload a significant number of items which are then organized based on these tags. To cite an example, a restaurant could simplify browsing its menu by using tags like "pizza", and then within this category add a "Pepperoni" tag, which can help customers filter all the items containing that ingredient.

Another feature that is widely used in Latin American and Asian stores is the "MuncomSales" application, which can be downloaded in seconds turning Muncom into a real-time order management platform. This system has allowed restaurants to easily and efficiently activate delivery services. Finally, there is the possibility to use the system either globally or exclusively regionally. With 9+ languages to choose from, the portal offers global searches or local queries filtered by specific cities.

According to the company's CEO, " is a free web store builder and a free online marketplace." "That enables users to build a free online ecommerce store in 5 minutes." "Sellers can easily create their own free online store in minutes, with free website hosting, free sub-domain and a powerful admin tool to manage their free online stores." "Our mission is that every small entrepreneur's dream turns into reality, with totally free online stores". "Using new technologies to provide equal opportunities to any person or company willing to compete in global, regional or local markets".

"Muncom (Free Online Stores and Free Online Marketplace) constitutes a revolution in e-commerce platforms. Allowing anybody, anywhere in the world, and in practically any business segment, create an online store: with its own name, advertisement free and with 10+ languages to choose from." "We are offering free hosting, free sub-domain and the possibility to add videos, blogs and links to the a facebook page, Muncom enables sellers to open stores following a remarkable simple process." "The system features powerful tools for buyers, including maps and interactive directions to find stores in just one click with the added flexibility of a chat window to ask store owners questions regarding the products being offered." "Even restaurants providing delivery services can access Muncom , and start selling online." "This system offers the choice to operate the store via Internet or by using a free Windows ecommerce software that remains active in the PC. When a new order is received, an automatic notification provides the seller all the required details -including the buyer's profile information in order to either accept the transaction based on each buyer's reputation or place a verification call."

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