Enagic Kangen Water Has Reached Record Sales and Continues New Hires

July 14, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Health News
Enagic Kangen Water has recently reached record sales in their Osaka factory that has triggered increasing their work force to aid in the additional units being shipped into the U.S and Canada every single day. With more and more people extremely interested in improving their health products like Enagic's have gone from a commodity to a necessity. Plain and simple, people want to get away from harmful, acidic and very expensive bottled water option. With Enagic It's within our reach to enjoy good, clean alkaline water and healthy living.

Enagic's state-of-the-art filtration systems provide the user with the most balanced, oxygenated form of water on the planet. Also known as Kangen Water, it has many advantages over regular tap, bottled or filtered water. Kangen water reduces all impurities in the water through the process of ionization leaving only the cleanest form of water behind. Kangen water is also an extremely powerful anti-oxidant and it's alkaline structure supports the health of the human body. It's been stated by many medical doctors that disease cannot thrive in an alkaline environment! These devices have been selling throughout the U.S and Canada over the last few months at an explosive rate, a rate of growth that has caused Enagic to increase their workforce in their factory in Osaka. Enagic's water system allows the water to act as an extremely effective antioxidant which has been known to drastically slow down the effects of natural aging. Anti aging products such as Enagics Water purification system have grown extremely popular since technology has allowed individuals to slow the aging process down making people feel and look younger. Enagic is a leader in water purification and has been actively perfecting this product and process over the last 30 years. Kangen Water drinkers who have had health problems in the past have been known to feel much better simply by changing the type of water their body consumes. A person's body is made up of almost 70% water so when that water is replaced with alkaline water the effects can play a significant role on how that body reacts and responds in natural day to day bodily functions. Studies have also shown the Kangen Water aids in weight loss by reducing the acidity levels in the water.

Enagic is quickly branding itself into a household name in North America. With an ever-expanding reach already well into the UK, Europe, Canada, Mexico and the USA it is only a matter of time before Kangen Water becomes a house hold item across the globe. Enagic is powered by 30 years of aggressive Japanese engineering and technology. Kangen water at one time was only available for treating patients in Japanese Hospitals and now they are widely available for home use. Enagic will only continue to refine and improve their products for home users over the years to come… making happier and healthier families around the world.

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