Deal-Flow Newswire for Off-Exchange Investors

July 18, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
London (July 18, 2009): Early-stage, private equity and alternative investors now have a newswire that delivers off-exchange investment deals directly to their screens. Deals are delivered to investors according to their pre-set preferences and the essential professional interface to deals is provided by experienced capital raising advisors who register as Growthwire Authorised Advisors. Registration is currently free for investors at As Growthwire is UK domiciled, all investors must self-certify as HNWIs or sophisticated investors in accordance with the UKs FSMA2000 (Financial Promotion Orders 2001) Amendments 2005.

Growthwire CEO, David Rose said: "What could be simpler for an investor than to register with a newswire, set their preferences and then await incoming deals? Even better, what could be simpler for capital-starved growing businesses than to call a Growthwire Authorised Advisor, get advice on preparing their business plan, and then have the deal posted to the wire? There are countless thousands of networks all over the world but, until now, they have all had to operate in an information vacuum, a situation that would actually kill off any other market. Growthwire delivers the long-awaited universal deal-flow medium that releases the flow of off-exchange information so that the flow of capital can follow naturally, which all other markets take for granted."

Investors can visit and set their newswire preferences to receive deals with values of 50,000 to 50m across all major currencies and posted by Growthwire Authorised Advisors from across the world including Australia, China, SE Asia eastern and western Europe as well as the UK and USA. Growthwire research using data from the UK and US Treasuries, wealth management, venture capital and other sources indicates that there is a global market of ten million investors (mostly wealthy, successful entrepreneurs) and one million capital-raisings at any one time. In order to release this flow of information registration has been kept free for qualified investors, and registration and listing fees for capital raising advisors and their clients set at nominal levels.

Growthwire, described by the BBC as "…the Dow Jones for entrepreneurs…" does not take fees or commissions on completed deals.

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