Addison Pre-Settlement Funding Announces Expansion of Operations in to Southeastern United States

July 23, 2009 (PRLEAP.COM) Business News
Phoenix, Arizona - Addison Pre-Settlement Funding recently announced its expansion of services in to the southeastern United States. They are very excited about offering their services to this area, and feel that these services will benefit clients greatly. Lawsuit loans are the company's primary focus of business.

Addison has previously offered pre-settlement funding services to other areas of the United States with great success. Lawsuit loans allow litigants in personal injury cases to get the necessary funding needed to fully develop an injury claim. Traditional banks usually don't lend money against pending insurance claims. The services Addison Pre-Settlement Funding offers allows people to get the money they need to live without feeling they have an added financial burden. In this way, plaintiffs can comfortably handle every day living expenses while waiting for their case to settle.

The success of their business has led Addison in to expanding further in to the southeastern region of the United States, primarily to offer lawsuit loans to people who do not have the financial means to withstand the lengthy litigation process. The company stated that when an applicant's attorney submits information regarding pre-settlement funding, a decision on the amount available to the applicant will be determined that same day.

The company explains that litigation financing is a method of getting the money you need for household bills and other expenses while waiting for your settlement. This is not a loan that must be paid regardless of the outcome of your case. Addison Pre-settlement Funding provides the necessary funds to you based on the facts of your case. In the event that you do not win your case, you owe them nothing.

Addison is looking forward to serving new clients in the southeast United States, and urges anyone who is interested in learning more about lawsuit loans and pre-settlement funding to call their toll free number 888-800-8400 with questions or concerns they may have. You may also visit their website to fill out a short questionnaire.